Li keqiang to visit Latvia, china-eu trains will soon arrived in the capital, Riga, may become into central and eastern portal in China

11300 kilometers across, li keqiang, “with” the central trains his Latvia

4 in the morning local time, prime minister li keqiang arrived in Latvia’s capital Riga, pull, a senior official at the airport. This is the first time, China’s prime minister visit to Latvia.

On that day morning, Latvia’s capital Riga snow, prime minister library hitchens Keith in monument square held a grand ceremony in honor of the visiting prime minister li keqiang.

When prime minister li keqiang arrived in Latvia’s capital braved the snow was on the same day, a column from the zhejiang yiwu, full of China commodity freight train, has experienced 15 days of journey, will soon arrived in Latvia’s capital Riga central station.

“We are pleased to see, the first from China freight trains will arrive in Riga.” On November 4, local time during the meeting, latvian prime minister library hitchens Keith to li said, “pull side is willing to become the reliable partner, become China’s enterprise portal into the central and eastern Europe market.”

Adjacent to Latvia on the Baltic sea, is located in Russia and Western Europe, northern Europe “the center”. Li said that Latvia is a good friend of China in the Baltic region, is China’s important cooperative partner in central and eastern Europe and the European Union within.

Premier li keqiang in Riga’s library hitchens Keith held talks with latvian prime minister.

“China is willing to take Latvia as an important transit point, China’s trade with the eu exports to the eu more high quality and low price products in China, more diversified products to the local people to choose.” Li said, “China also willing to through this station, the more competitive products to be imported, meet the demand of domestic consumers higher levels of consumption, further promote the market equilibrium.”

Prime minister li keqiang attend the fifth China – central and eastern Europe leaders’ meeting and an official visit to Latvia, is the first time, China’s prime minister’s visit to pull, pull side attaches great importance to and a high standard of welcome. Riga airport hung a Peking Opera and main street, temple of heaven QiNianDian “Chinese element”, such as posters, welcome to China’s prime minister. Prime minister library hitchens Keith is in “snow welcome” is a scene of snow mountains, for li chic held a grand welcoming ceremony.

“This is my first time to see all over the sky snow. It also shows that the pull test of friendship to withstand any storm.” Later during the talks, li keqiang, a humorous interpretation, trigger pull staff knowing laughter.

Library hitchens Keith stressed several times li keqiang’s visit is “very important”. He said: “pull in 25 years since the establishment of diplomatic ties between China relations between the two countries reached the best level in history. Believe that you will visit to lay a solid foundation for future cooperation.”

After talks with prime minister li keqiang, opening, library hitchens Keith’s prime minister, has pulled a long cooperation projects list. He noted that Latvia is planning with its neighboring countries “Baltic joint railway project,” “we welcome Chinese enterprises involved in the bidding.

“China cost-effective in railway and port construction equipment, construction experience.” Li replied, “we are willing to participate in the Baltic sea rail, three haigang district and other infrastructure construction and cooperation capacity, make the local people’s benefit as soon as possible.”


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