China to overtake the United States, Germany’s biggest trade partner

May 31, 2017: what is China’s largest trading partner in Europe? China surpassed the United States as Germany’s largest trading partner. 2017 marks the 45th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Germany. After 45 years of development, china-germany economic and trade relations have never been closer. Germany has become China’s sixth-largest trading partner in Europe, and China and Germany account for nearly 30 percent of china-eu trade. China surpassed the United States as Germany’s largest trading partner in 2016.

Trade between China and Germany was $151.29 billion in 2016, according to Chinese customs. Last year, according to the ministry of commerce of China, China’s investment of $2.945 billion, up 258.6% from a year earlier, the stock of $8.827 billion.

That same year, Germany in 392 HuaXinZeng investment projects, investment of $2.71 billion, 9394 cumulative investment projects, investment stock at $28.18 billion. China has been the most invested country in Germany for three consecutive years.

Build “One Belt And One Road”

China and Germany are looking forward to deepening cooperation in such areas as One Belt And One Road, two-way investment and third-party market cooperation through this visit. It is widely believed that the construction of One Belt And One Road has created historic opportunities for china-germany cooperation.

Germany was the first European country to endorse the “One Belt And One Road”. Of the 57 founding members of the Asian infrastructure investment bank, Germany is the most funded outside country. Wh-what Germany from all walks of life to all the way “area”, China’s ambassador to Germany defence said: “I report close to 50 games a year, nearly a third of all the way ‘and’ area.”

“The One Belt And One Road has injected new vitality into globalisation and we are very welcome,” said dieter kupv, President of the federation of German industry. The industry group representing the whole of DE 10 m industrial firms believe that Chinese and German enterprises in the “area” all the way along the infrastructure construction and the third party broad market space for development cooperation.

The ministry of foreign affairs of China and Germany has signed an agreement on cooperation in Afghanistan, and the two countries will cooperate in mining and disaster relief and disaster reduction, according to the report. China’s centre for sustainable development has also opened in Beijing, aiming to promote cooperation between Chinese and German companies in third markets such as Africa.

With the development of One Belt And One Road, the number of Chinese and European countries has increased rapidly. In 2016, there were 1702 columns of central Europe, including 1034 columns between China and Germany. Business department minister counsellor falin liu said the Chinese embassy in Germany, China and the eu class as German companies to develop trade with China provided a new logistics solutions, also strengthened the duisburg, Hamburg and other German cities as the logistics hub status in Europe. Transport logistics companies such as deutsche bahn and DHL express are also seeing big business opportunities in the central European line as a growth point for future business.

We’re making smart manufacturing

Berlin’s free university visiting professor, bilateral economic and trade experts Shi Shiwei said, “made in China” 2025 “4.0” industrial docking with Germany, which has created a huge opportunity to sino-german cooperation.

As early as 2014 during the prime minister li keqiang’s visit, China and Germany both sides will jointly announced the china-germany cooperative action outline: a total of plastic innovation, decided to strengthen the cooperation between the “4.0” industrial. Since then, between Germany and China has built a 4.0 “industrial” dialogue mechanism, signed a memorandum of understanding and cooperation framework agreement, the mutual cooperation in the field of intelligent manufacturing the two countries. The two countries also in the “4.0” industrial international rules and standards on systematic and strategic cooperation, and built in shenyang, high-end equipment manufacturing industrial park and so on a number of demonstration projects of cooperation.

As China’s economic development, open degree unceasing enhancement, the Chinese market for the strategic significance of German industrial companies are increasingly important, especially in the automobile and parts, optical electronics, chemical medicine, agriculture and environmental protection and other fields. China is not only the largest single market in the world, but also an important base for intelligent manufacturing.

The huge market demand in China and constantly improve the quality of the requirements for the German high-tech, high-quality products to provide the market space, the two sides hence the increasingly close cooperation in the field of technology. Defence admits, “2025” made in China and Germany there is a problem in the process of “4.0” industrial docking and doubt, this requires the government in the long run, change the traditional ideas, common looking for quality.

China and Germany promote people-to-people and cultural cooperation

The exchanges and cooperation between China and Germany have increased rapidly in recent years, becoming a bright spot for china-germany cooperation and the potential for future development.

The first meeting of the china-germany high-level people-to-people dialogue was held in Beijing. Chinese vice premier liu yandong and Germany’s deputy prime minister and foreign minister gabriel to attend the meeting, and jointly signed on establishing a joint statement of sino-german high-level people-to-people and cultural exchanges, dialogue. The mechanism covers education, culture, media, sports and youth.

Last November, sino-german cooperation agreement signed the first national football, including training coach, youth player development, marks a new strides football strategic cooperation between the two countries.

Shi Shiwei think that football is a sino-german social topics of mutual interest has a broad mass base, strengthening the cooperation of the football is one of the important breakthrough to promote bilateral cultural exchanges, broad development space.

Experts look forward to the future with the national team and the two countries to strengthen cooperation between professional clubs, juvenile football communication increases, the two countries football industry will achieve mutual benefit and win-win results, add more vitality for cultural exchanges between the two countries.

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