How many days do we arrive in Europe? Container international line CDB – 102m km

How many days do we arrive in Europe? Container international line CDB – 102m km. Morning of May 27, rizhao port, jinan railway administration, chengdu railway bureau jointly build “rong’s” (rizhao – chengdu – Europe) international container trains officially opens. The trains from rizhao port, via chengdu residences to ala shan kou, trains arrived in kazakhstan, Russia, belarus, Poland and Germany and other countries, about 10200 km, the entire running 15 days or so, sea transportation is far less than 60 days, for the sunshine around and Japan, South Korea, southeast Asia and Australia and other transit goods in Europe provides a quick and efficient logistics channel.

According to the “sunshine of the sun” section of the line, the line has worked well since April 15. In the future, with the further optimization and normalization of the class run, it will be increased from 1 to 3 weekly, becoming the new international logistics channel for the sunshine to Europe.

Relying on the trains, rizhao port east to connect South Korea, southeast Asia countries export to China and European sources, west Europe, central Asia and western China might be attracted from rizhao port to sea source, new channels unblocked things two-way trade and economic exchanges, further enhance the rizhao port port status “in” the important node.

In the first four months of this year, the total was 1017,000 TEU, up 7.1% year on year. Rizhao port has been opened more than 30 foreign trade routes, including “sunshine – mountains – busan” “sunshine – busan” “sunshine – pyongtaek” and other international routes and sunshine to residences, shilong, yanzhou north, south of heze, jiaozuo, and other domestic railway container trains, the rizhao port transit of goods by rail shipments to central Asia, Russia, Mongolia, Vietnam and other countries, for the development of the iron transport and transit transport laid a good foundation.

Following the operation of sunshine, shilong, rizhao, residences after trains, rizhao port is operation sunshine – huoerguos cross-border trains to central Asia, become a “sunshine – central Europe”, “sunshine – central Asia” two cross-border port container trains, the future will also be from rizhao to foreign trade container routes in incheon, South Korea, Japan and southeast Asia.

Through the international trains are connected with international routes, rizhao port in rizhao city by the practical action “open city” strategy, build the hinge of the “area” important play a bigger role in the city.

Rizhao port will also accelerate the containerization and stone mortar port area west railway container lines and supporting facilities construction and better meet the demand of railway container transport, efforts to promote “according to rong’s” international trains normalized operation, create “according to rong’s” trains international logistics brand.

Committed to docking “area”, rizhao port to speed up the implementation of the strategy of “going out”, in March this year, launched a “sunshine” of Australia, break-bulk liner, sino-australian trade maritime transport increases a convenient channel; Going into the china-pakistan economic corridor, running Pakistan’s kasim discharge terminal;

Participate in the construction, planning and operation of malacca huang jing Hong Kong, opened the port to export a new stage of capital, management and technology, to build the international first-class dagang port taken a solid pace.

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