Innovative thinking is the initiative to play the new music of the railway

Seriously implement the central decision-making and deployment, railway corporation subordinate to service the nation’s overall development strategy and diplomacy, extensive international exchanges and cooperation, in promoting the construction of “area” has yielded fruitful results

We will play a leading role in the corporate sector, strengthen coordination among work organizations, highlight the advantages of resources, and increase the efficiency and competitiveness of railway “going out”. Adjust railway corporation established by principal coalesced into the implementation of the “area” initiative and foreign affairs, set up work platform of “going out” of China railway international co., LTD., integrate railway corporation advantage resources, formed a “going out” of work structure. At the same time, strengthen cooperation with the domestic related enterprises, railway corporation to further improve the communication and coordination mechanism, the overall railway design, construction, equipment, operating companies and financial institutions advantage resources, collaboration, and unity to sea. Focusing on foreign projects, they form a consortium of Chinese enterprises, give full play to their expertise and strengths, and provide comprehensive solutions to the bidding of projects. At present, in view of the outside Indonesia than high iron, Laos railway project, railway corporation formed a consortium led by related enterprises, powerful propulsion project construction and the early stage of the work.

We will actively participate in the national diplomacy of the service countries and actively participate in high-level visits between the countries and the railway, and effectively publicize the achievements of China’s railway construction. On the one hand, railway corporation takes an active part in national level high related to work, signed a series of multilateral cooperation documents, take part in the mechanical activities, the successful completion of various high-level visits between tasks; Lead organization related domestic enterprises in Brazil, Russia, Indonesia, South Africa, Malaysia, Egypt, Germany, the Czech republic, Ethiopia and other countries to develop China’s railway, roadshow activities such as exhibition, business negotiation, comprehensive promotion of China’s high-speed rail technology and standards. , on the other hand, based on the railway reform and development needs, the railway company actively developing railway high-level visits, and relevant international organizations and foreign railway enterprise railway security, reform and management, management, technology, engineering, “going out” in various areas such as in-depth exchange of views on issues, expand bilateral cooperation new breakthrough, promote the key cooperation project, enhance the influence of the Chinese railway in the world, improve China’s railway in formulating the international railway standards.

We will give full play to the advantages of international transport, vigorously develop the china-europe line, and build a bright brand of railway international logistics. In recent years, the railway corporation take the initiative to meet the needs of “neighbourhood” all the way along the national economic and trade growth of the new situation, give play to the comparative advantages of railway transportation, strengthen communication and coordination with countries along the railway, constantly increase the intensity of trains operation in central Europe, central European railway building security clear, fast, convenient channel.

We will improve the working mechanism, innovate cooperation models, and make solid efforts to promote foreign key railway cooperation projects. Foothold in the service of the nation’s overall development, to expand peripheral connectivity projects and overseas high-speed rail construction markets as the key point, give full play to railway corporation in the field of management, technology, resource comprehensive advantages, actively expand railway especially the high-speed rail technology equipment such as high-end manufacturing products export, drive the engineering design, construction, equipment manufacturing, operation and maintenance, etc. Up to now, thousands of high-speed rail, Laos a batch of key projects such as railway, Hungary railway ground or accelerate implementation, high iron, ma Russia don’t meet the high speed rail, China and Thailand railway, also in order to promote cooperation projects. On the basis of the “area” construction of rich connotation, in conjunction with docking with the relevant national development strategy, deepen the railway corporation strategic interests, form “to discuss, build” good atmosphere of international railway project, for the railway “go out” to create a favorable external environment. In addition, the railroad corporation innovation cooperation mode, will China railway for many years accumulation of technology, management ability and advantage, and project the manpower and resources, such as comparative advantage, the combination of flexible use of investment and financing, construction, equipment, operation and the comprehensive development of a variety of ways, such as promoting localization of the high-speed rail technology standard, equipment and construction and “going out”.

We will continue to deepen exchanges and cooperation on the international trade, build more platforms for cooperation and open up more channels for cooperation, and create a sound atmosphere of international cooperation. Cooperation is a major theme in the construction of One Belt And One Road. Service “area” in recent years, the railway corporation construction, uphold the peaceful cooperation, open inclusive, learn each other mutual learning, mutual benefit and win-win situation as the core spirit of the silk road, and other countries and regions, international railway organizations active in many fields such as technology, management and infrastructure construction of bilateral and multilateral exchanges and cooperation, further enriching the connotation of the cooperation, improving the quality of cooperation, strengthen the cultural foundation for the cooperation. Today, the railway has become an important link in promoting high levels of opening-up and good-neighborly friendship.

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