Take the “One Belt And One Road” opportunity to the world of BBS

On February 15, the signing ceremony of the global BBS strategic partnership for the global pharmaceutical group “fortune” was held in guangzhou. Site, the guangzhou municipal government deputy secretary-general Ma Shu, relevant central government leadership and broad medicine Chen Mao Li Chuyuan group chairman, general manager, The Times of international companies in the United States President Steve Marcopoto (Steve Marcopoto) with Mr Witnessed the 2017 fortune global health points BBS BBS strategic cooperation signing ceremony. Mr. Wang made his appearance at the launch of the new BBS, a global BBS for 2017. Wang’s international pace has accelerated with the expansion of the Chinese character and the world’s top economic BBS.

The global value chain (GVCS) distribution group has issued an international strategy

“Fortune” global BBS has long been known as the “world’s most enterprises, the most money will make money the party”, after more than 20 years of development, the BBS has become the master of the world economy toward the clearest and most direct window, and the fortune global 500 list is referred to as the “fortune” magazine’s two super card. The global BBS global BBS has been held in China four times since its inception in 1995. Wang ji wide medicine group parent company as a key support the development of the guangzhou city set science, industry and trade in the integration of large enterprise groups, in 187 China top 500 enterprises, more on top at the top of China’s pharmaceutical industry, in 2016 sales revenue of 87.8 billion yuan, is moving towards billions of club.

In 2017, the global BBS will be held in guangzhou in December. Guangzhou as China’s southern door, for hundreds of years has been the international trade center, is also a symbol of China’s participation in global trade and portraiture, efforts to promote the development of investment and business in guangzhou to the internationalization of enterprise has great appeal.

(U.S. President of The Times, mark Marco.)

In the future, guangzhou will accelerate the construction of a hub network city, which means more international responsibilities for guangzhou. The fortune global 2017 BBS location in guangzhou will be the important node of the global layout, guangzhou international capital to further consolidate guangzhou international trade center position, boost its reshape international communication center position of the city. As a key enterprise in guangzhou, guangyao group is also accelerating the internationalization of its activities.

Wide medicine group chairman Li Chuyuan said, wide medicine group, the strategic cooperation with the world’s top economic BBS, let the broad medicine group in promote the brand of international influence at the same time can also look for more international cooperation opportunities. This is the broad medicine group put forward the strategy of “four modernizations” (the popularization, modernization and science popularization, internationalization) in the practice of “internationalization”, and bring better opportunities for the development of the broad medicine.

At the news conference, guangyao group issued an international strategic plan. Wide future medicine group will be capitalized, go out for strategic implementation path, make big south medicine, the health, big business, medical, etc “” four plates, represented by wang ji, realize the internationalization project fall to the ground, take the initiative to” go out “, “introduction to” actively, pushed the Chinese time-honored brands gradually in the world at the same time, to further expand the layout of the international pharmaceutical industry sector, building worthy of the name “Chinese symbol”, realize the global value chain layout.

To practice the “One Belt And One Road” strategy, Lao ji has a high-level dialogue with the world

Chinese President xi jinping in davos world economic BBS annual meeting 2017 opening ceremony and delivered a keynote speech, announced in May this year, China will host the “area” of international cooperation in Beijing peak BBS. As a top-level national strategy, One Belt And One Road has created an unprecedented opportunity for overseas market expansion.

As an opportunity for One Belt And One Road, Mr Wang is also accelerating the globalised layout as part of the broad pharmaceutical group’s global value chain. Following at davos in January 2017 after guangzhou fortune global BBS news exchange meetings, as a fortune global 2017 BBS specified cool tea, wang ji the appearance signing ceremony scene, and received a thumb up Chinese and foreign guests attending the meeting.

Follow the national policy “area”, in 2015, wang ji will be settled along the “area” strategic maritime silk road the way and the core area of nansha, then economic belt in southwest along the “area” portal yoann set up production base, and with Nigeria all the rings of chain management co., LTD. Signed a contract to develop the African market.

In 2014, wang worked with the world marketing guru and the father of global positioning, ai Reese, to start a new chapter in the global market for the tea of wang Lao ji. In recent years, wang has continued to spread the three paths of product exports, international standard formulation and cold tea culture, promoting the internationalization of the brand. Around the world, wang has a product export and trademark registration in 60 countries and regions.

In May 2016, the authoritative magazine Nature carried out a special report on wang’s “188 years old wang: a journey to international and technological innovation”. Thanks to the unique category of the Chinese herbal tea, the founder of cold tea, wang Lao ji, has promoted the tea culture to the whole world, and has also exported the culture of the old name. Excellent representative to participate in the one hundred finalists in the world’s top economic BBS, but also had a chance to dialogue with the world, the internationalization of wang ji pace will accelerate to upgrade.

China and the world have launched a new international journey

In fact, in the 19th century, wang had already begun an international dialogue. Since the 19th century marketing overseas for five to ten dollars to London exhibition table, wang ji to the world first opened the mysterious veil of Oriental herbal tea culture, opened the door of the communication. In recent years, wang has been in frequent contact with the international community.

In 2015, wang was shown on BBS in the winter and summer in the summer to showcase the traditional Chinese tea culture. During the 2016 New Year’s day, wang ji in “the crossroads of the world” time square, New York, convey to the peoples of the world “auspicious year of the world, China’s wang ji” New Year’s blessing. In the same year, wang ji’s sugar, sugar free two herbal tea has been brilliant in the new product in the summer davos BBS again, a series of “going out” attitude, for wang ji dialogue unfolds around the world.

“Fortune” global BBS site choice China again, represents the development of the Chinese market, has become the current international society and each big multinational company is one of the focus of attention. Chairman xi also said that in China has got the attention of the world at present, China’s national image, carry forward the Chinese culture, expounds the Chinese characteristics, speak good Chinese story, is China’s important topic. To melt China and the world and promote the Chinese civilization is the responsibility and mission of the Lao zihao.

Old brand to become bigger and stronger, the real implementation go out, in addition to its own development direction for continuous improvement, mutual cooperation, mix, and promote the sustainable development of brand power. In 2015, under the guidance of “neighbourhood” policy, the Chinese old brand alliance was formally established in one hundred, the broad medicine group general manager Chen Mao was elected chairman of the alliance and put forward “a group of ambassadors, a batch of research, a number of stories, a number of cooperation, a platform” of the “five one” strategy, to promote active cooperation between the old and go outside.

Over the past year, the work of the league of laozihao has paid off. Mr Wang has led to partnerships with the likes of the dog, hua tian, and the company’s products will enter the market in a co-ordinated fashion. In the summer of 2016 the tianjin davos peak BBS, goubuli, wang ji have handsome appearance, let the world’s economic elite enjoy the elegance of a China brand in one hundred. The silk industry has also been selected for the G20 summit in hangzhou.

In 2017, the One Belt And One Road international cooperation summit will provide a new development opportunity for the world. At present, represented by wang ji old enterprises have played a vanguard role, the future will be more old enterprise broken cocoon into a butterfly, to fall in love with the old world.

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