Chinese ambassador to the UK: the statement about the return of the china-europe flight is inaccurate

For some British media have misunderstandings on construction “in” article, Chinese ambassador to the UK liu xiaoming, 19, said there are concerns that Chinese trade with countries along the “area” is a “one-way” rather than “two-way”, there is no reason for this fear.

Liu xiaoming published an article in the financial times on the same day. He said the statement about the return of the central European flight was inaccurate. In the first quarter of this year, the Chinese customs and customs jointly inspected 62 columns of the central European countries, the total weight of 2,850 boxes, and the total weight of 35,027 tons, with an empty box rate of 11.4%. Compared with the same period last year, the number of containers nearly doubled, and the number of empty boxes fell by more than half.

Liu xiaoming said that china-eu trains return cargo volume increase, not only goods also more abundant, new rubber, tire, engine, gearbox, robots, steel belt and other products. China-eu trains empty rate decline for many reasons, including the world economic situation gets better, import and export trade increases, the railway transportation is increasingly recognised by the market, ports all over the world to provide convenient customs clearance, etc.

He says the benefits of the One Belt And One Road initiative go beyond the railway container. The initiative put forward four years has brought encouraging change, and China’s trade and investment from China to help in along the country to create jobs and growth. Between 2014 and 2016, China’s trade with countries along the route exceeded $3 trillion. The proportion of trade in services will increase, and there will be more room for trade in services in the future.

Chinese enterprises to go out, he notes, is not a “one-way” to foreign transfer capacity, more than the “outdated” and “pollution” shift capacity to go out, but adopt a new way of “two-way” cooperation, fully absorb the local country Suggestions, we discuss, and sharing.

Mr Liu said the UK was an important player in “One Belt And One Road”. Britain has developed financial sector and the mature legal, consulting and other professional services, has the world’s top think-tank, the media, education institutions and scientific research innovation platform, will play an important role in all the way “” area cooperation.

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