Hubei inspection and quarantine bureau supports local integration into the “One Belt And One Road” to create a foreign trade advantage

Let “hubei make” straight through Eurasia, let Eurasian new product enter hubei, this is hubei development dream. Now, with the opening of the hanxin railway, all this has become a reality.

On May 9, from “area” all the way along the 18 countries 60 international tea purchaser and 35 companies in yichang tea trade talks, more than 7380 tons of nearly 300 million yuan of intentionality agreement. In February this year, France’s then prime minister, connor ze center in wuhan, China railway union of new silk road witnessed the Lyon – wuhan train loaded with several containers arrive French wine.

Central China (wuhan) is a new initiative to promote local development into the “One Belt And One Road” by the provincial government of hubei province. The trains from wuhan railway crossings, the ala shan kou, xinjiang and Inner Mongolia manchuria, has opened to Germany, France, the Czech republic, Poland, Russia, belarus, etc 12 routes, radiation 28 countries. From hubei province and the Yangtze river delta, the pearl river delta around part of the enterprise’s products, the railway freight trains or the Yangtze river golden waterway to wuhan, then take the central trains (wuhan) exports to Europe.

In order to ensure the normal operation of the “hanxin European” freight railway, the hubei inspection and quarantine bureau has set up the office of the east west lake and the on site office. Train at the same time, to explore the inspection and quarantine measures, and manchuria, ala shan kou and other port inspection and quarantine departments set up “as a second line, two bureau as a” regulatory mechanisms. Coordinate with the relevant departments to solve the problem of clearance in wuhan. To simplify the quarantine visa formalities, shall be of the same goods, do a declaration, inspection, once released, and the railway port all inbound and outbound containers achieve paperless inspection; To strictly implement the system of accountability for the first question, the system of handling and the investigation of the responsibility; We are committed to a 24-hour, no-holiday system for all-weather customs clearance.

This year, the bureau of hubei also increased supervision over the rapid increase of the imported timber in the “hanxin European” class. To improve the inspection rate of the pine trees in the border area, and to examine the pine wood plates with high water content. To improve the proportion of the boxes and the boxes, and to inspect the containers of the containers with the traces of the pests, and not leave any trace of the evidence. Coordinate with wuhan railway station to ensure the arrival of the line.

On May 12, X8017, the fiftieth train from wuhan, China, was on its way to duisburg, Germany, on a journey of electronic components and electromechanical products. At present, china-eu trains (wuhan) has formed a week four columns of intensive operation mode, return trains has put 44 columns, round column number increased by 51.5% and 51.7% respectively compared to the same. This year, wuhan will make a round-trip to the central European central and eastern Europe.

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