Central European trains power chimes performance of far-reaching significance to Europe

In the early hours of June 2, the X8017 ceibs was set off from wuhan railway station, wujiashan railway container center station. The car was carrying 867 cultural exhibits and performances from the opera theater in hubei province, including nearly five tons of performance bells.

This is a time of dream. This is a time of intercommunication, communication and win-win. As the international cultural exchange of the ordinary, when hubei bells need to Europe Germany performance, china-eu trains played a big role, thoroughly solved the difficult problem of many, safe, fast and convenient, on time delivery to destination, don’t delay any time, is a central trains power chimes performance of far-reaching significance to Europe.

It is not only the exchange of goods, but also the exchange of culture, especially the various cultural equipment, which is not in the words. Arranged the hubei province opera house large music dance epic chimes dancing “will be performed in Berlin, Germany in early July, railway departments in a timely manner to provide the most satisfactory service, let hubei chimes on time performing live in Berlin. It is clear that the responsibilities of the china-europe class are in all aspects.

In deeper sense, for the first time use bells “sit” china-eu trains to Berlin, thoroughly solved the China with the rest of the world cultural exchange goods by air is too expensive, shipping too slow, cumbersome items such as multinational handling difficult problem. Through the ceibs, let the Chinese culture go out, let the western culture come into China, and the exchange of cultural exchanges between China and Europe has become a real thing.

Central European trains in the lift of “area”, the world is more and more big, the circle of friends covered with central trains in areas such as economy, culture, trade, science and technology in the field of communication, not only bring material transportation, also brought the transfer and transmission of culture. The Chinese and European countries have come to realize the convenience of walking, so relaxed and so casual, witness the full and intimate service of the china-europe class service.

First use of bells “sit” china-eu trains to Berlin, to witness the “china-eu trains” in the area along the way play an important role in transportation of “central trains to strengthen with the rest of the world” all aspects of communication, communication, advantages, function is self-evident. To be happy, to be happy, to have a dream.

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