The new map of the asia-europe industry is born of the china-europe line

Six years ago, the first china-europe class was born in chongqing and began to “toddler”. Now, the central bank has grown up to be a strong “young man”, running on the ancient silk road of rejuvenation. “Taller, longer,” the central trains from mobile line, grow up to be an open network, not only play the function of the logistics channel, also bear the more mission: to guide the industry gathered themselves together, and help build a new high industry in Asia and Europe.

Promoting logistics makes the economic context more open

From chongqing to duisburg, zhengzhou to Hamburg, yiwu to London… From 28 Chinese cities, China and Europe have reached 29 cities in 11 countries across the Eurasian continent. In the short span of a few years, we have built up new channels for the logistics of Asia and Europe.

According to China railway corporation introduces, at present, relying on the new asia-europe continental bridge and the Siberian continental bridge, has three formation in the west, and east central railway transport corridor, were planning to article 51 of central trains paths. In 2016, China and the European central bank made more than 1, 700 trips to the bank, with total mileage exceeding 17 million kilometers, equivalent to around 424 laps around the earth.

“If the shipping containers line up to 900 kilometers, that’s the distance from Beijing to nanjing.” So says dong jianmin, vice chairman of the Warsaw based railway cooperation organization.

Spanish wine, Dutch cheese, polish fruit, German cars… More and more European products are becoming more and more busy in China and Europe, entering the world’s largest consumer market and entering the daily life of the Chinese people. At the same time, the trains carrying Chinese goods such as groceries, clothing, computers and other Chinese goods are traveling from alashan to the European countries.

Parts from huizhou are being assembled into a variety of TV sets in a busy assembly line near rhodes, Poland. In the past, the factory has been using cargo ships to transport the components until January, when the plant began trying to carry cargo through the “iron ore”.

“It’s only 14 days from the ride, more than half the time of conventional shipping.” “Said the factory’s deputy general manager, tomasshollund. The significant improvement in the limitation of logistics has increased the efficiency of production and made the product more competitive.

As recently as last month, the central China and European countries of Germany and France were able to carry out a single pass through Europe, all the way through Europe. Earlier, in order to ensure “iron veins unimpeded, national action, hand in hand along the increasing train speed, simplify customs clearance procedures, decrease in time and revised freight standard… China and Europe are constantly changing gears, speeding up and upgrading.

We will guide the industry to build new heights of industry

“Iron silk road across thousands of miles,” central trains not only witness more and more goods, prosperous business opportunities, and also by leading industry gathered themselves together, and help build industry new heights in Asia and Europe, let people share along “big share of the economy” bonuses.

As duisburg, Germany, Hong Kong group head erich stark, china-eu trains is not only a trade route, it connects the different market, make the world change industrial and logistics activities, along the country wants to participate and benefit.

In 2014, there were only two or three ceibs in the city of duisburg every week. Today, there are more than 20 Chinese and European countries in the port, which already account for 20 per cent of the total volume of the multi-modal transport terminal in duisburg port.

Central European trains operators German far east road &bridge ChanJing, manager of the company’s business development, said that the arrival of trains in central Europe, bring shrinking of Germany’s rail freight injected a dose of “booster”, led to logistics industries in duisburg, will also bring more areas, the development of more industry.

Thanks to central Europe trains lines is outspread, Poland Kurt’s international transport railway port is becoming one of the most busy logistics hubs in continental Europe, and a large number of container cargo from Asia and Europe by rail and road transit. In the future, China and Poland will continue to work together to explore investment and construction of the central European central flight line.

It is worth mentioning that central trains make some in the process of economic globalization “the corner that is forgotten” back in the spotlight, help them access the net of globalisation. Forbes magazine writer wade in the United States Shepard’s eyes, china-eu trains are stay along the site constantly create new logistics, industrial and commercial center.

“The change of rhodes is the best example of the development opportunities and dynamism of the china-europe class.” “Said the deputy mayor of Poland rhodes, the deputy mayor of rhodes. As an old industrial center, the development of rhodes was a difficult one. Now, with the help of central Europe, Poland is planning to make rhodes the country’s most important transport hub, creating hundreds of local jobs.

Win-win cooperation makes the future better

From “promoting trade flow” to “power industry gathered,” central trains the win-win cooperation “cake” bigger, its huge potential is attracting more and more attention.

During a visit to Germany earlier this month, is China’s leaders, leaders of the two countries have high hopes on trains in central Europe, said it would rely on central European trains, promoting the logistics advantages of electronic commerce development cooperation, the two countries take bilateral economic and trade cooperation in a “Internet economy” express.

Deutsche bahn, Germany’s largest railway operator, has made central Europe a growth point for its future business. In 2016, deutsche bahn managed more than 40, 000 shipping containers in central Europe, an increase of 11.4% over 2015. The company plans to further increase the operation of the china-europe class line in the future and strive to deliver 100,000 containers by 2020.

Lodz, Poland provincial governor d thor des TengPingShui, central trains run continuously will further increase the rhodes and Kurt’s geographical advantages, attract more polish and Chinese enterprises investment in the factory. Poland’s former ambassador to China, home to what he schumm, also said the central trains run smoothly will increase economic exchanges between Poland and China, bring positive impact on Poland’s economic and social development.

China’s national development and reform commission recently said that by 2020, the number of Chinese and European companies will be around 5,000. According to the china-europe railway construction development plan (2016-2020), by 2020, the railway transport corridor in central Europe is basically completed and the central European hubs are basically completed. By then, China and Europe will be connected not only to Europe and the countries along the routes, but also to east Asia, southeast Asia and other regions.

Predictably, this steel long line is not only a channel but also a platform. We will not only connect Asia and Europe, but also the world. It will lead not only to the future, but to prosperity.

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