Urgent!!! Air shipping space is pre-tightened, Six countries and Qatar will break up or affect the international transit shipment!

In bahrain, Saudi Arabia, the united Arab emirates, Egypt, Libya, yemen have announced recently cut off diplomatic relations with Qatar, accused Qatar support terrorism and endanger the security situation of the region.

The bahraini government announced on June 5 that it would cut diplomatic ties with Qatar, recalling its diplomats in Qatar and asking Qatar’s diplomats to leave the country within 48 hours. Egypt’s foreign ministry announced the closure of a sea and air connection with Qatar. The Saudi government has announced that it will close links with Qatar over land and sea.

Qatar is an Arab country in the southwest of Asia, bordering the united Arab emirates and Saudi Arabia on the qatari peninsula on the southwest coast of the Persian gulf. The coastline is 550 kilometers long and most of the territory is surrounded by the Persian gulf. Qatar is a small country, but its GDP per capita ranks first in the world. It’s also a truly tuhao country.

According to foreign media reports, Qatar 5 response in bahrain and the united Arab emirates, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, yemen, Libya, ending said diplomatic decision “unreasonable and without basis”.

Bahrain was the first to break its diplomatic ties with Qatar on Friday. The country’s official news agency said in a statement published, because the measures, the doha continued adherence to shake kingdom of bahrain security and stability, in the country’s interventions, in the media provocation, and policy support for terrorist activities.

An Egyptian foreign ministry spokesman said: “the Egyptian government has decided to sever diplomatic ties with Qatar because the qatari authorities continue to act hostile to Cairo.” The gulf states and the United States a week later, the end of the summit in Riyadh in Qatar and neighbouring conflict, when the Qatar news agency issued in the name of the country’s emir support to establish relations with Iran. At the Riyadh summit, the country’s representatives condemned the hostile policy to lang and threatened to respond appropriately. A spokesman for the qatari foreign ministry said the news agency’s website had been hacked and that the hackers had made public statements in the emir’s name that had nothing to do with the country’s leaders.

Saudi Arabia, the united Arab emirates and bahrain, however, think that this explanation is not convincing, and insisted that’s comments on normalizing relations with Iran, indeed, seem to come from emil. The uae’s foreign affairs minister, Carl kasha, called on Qatar to change its policies and refrain from repeating previous mistakes to restore relations with its neighbors.

Saudi Arabia, Egypt, bahrain, united Arab emirates, yemen, Libya’s cut off diplomatic relations with Qatar or influence international transit transport, is engaged in the import and export industry practitioners should pay attention to the cargo transport services between the Middle East, transit service, may be cancelled, or suspend the goods. Saudi Arabia has taken the lead in suspending shipments to DOH.

Etihad airways officially announced that it would suspend the ABU dhabi flight from June 6. The last flight is for ey399/390 in the early hours of June 6. Emirates has also closed its June 6 reservation. The last one is ek847/848 in the wee hours of June 6.

Please before the shipment repeated with airlines, shipping companies, freight agent confirmed clear, this can reduce the trouble and loss, especially to entrust the airlines and shipping companies in these countries. Please pay close attention.

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