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The application of modern logistics industry, air transport and widely, air transportation is indispensable in the logistics is an important mode of transportation, its characteristic is unmatched by other transport modes, in actual air logistics, transport of goods what we need to pay attention to, the introduction of everyone can refer to below.

The concept of air transport

Air transport has the superiority of other transports. Fast delivery speed, accurate transportation safety, simplified packaging cost of packaging.

Air freight calculated on W/M, but the weight volume is 6000 cubic centimeter than 1 kg (equivalent to 6 cubic meters per metric ton), so the actual freight is an unit with kg.

Although air freight is generally higher, it is advantageous to use air freight for large, lightweight goods. And the freight rate is lower than the sea freight, and the transport is fast and fast. So small goods, fresh goods, seasonal goods and valuable goods are suitable for air transport.

Fresh goods to the flight time and space requirement is higher than ordinary goods, the shipment of the goods of general living principle is a direct, not transfer, due to the temperature and the causes of preservation, are generally early flight or flight in the morning, the handover. I wonder where you make fresh goods. Is generally a week in advance booking shipping space, and then confirmed the day 2 day shipping space, then the second day early in the morning, the goods packed first waiting for handover, then a single at the same time, the customs to register, three inspection, customs clearance, etc., to transition after customs clearance, and then if possible to arrange people to confirm the goods are on the plane, if due to special goods didn’t on the plane to arrange to sign the next fastest flight shipment, inform the client or the goods back to the factory to deal with, to avoid greater losses.

The goods are delivered to the customers in the normal shipping order, and the customer will inform the receiver to collect the goods in time. For long distance, such as fresh goods to Europe and the United States and other places, involves the transfer, according to the customer demands the temperature displayed on the bill of lading, can let the airline to make the necessary arrangements. Avoid loss of goods during transit.

Air transport is mainly for flight, charter, consignments and air express.

The flight transportation

“Scheduled Airline” means a plane that has a fixed time, route and docking station. Usually for passenger and cargo hybrid aircraft, cargo capacity is small, freight is more expensive, but by the navigation period fixed, is helpful for customer to arrange fresh goods or need the delivery of goods.

Charter transportation

Charter transportation (Chartered Carrier) refers to the conditions and airlines in accordance with the contract rate, the entire Chartered plane to one or several people (charter refers to the shipper or air freight agent company), from one or a few goods depot to designated destination. Charter flights are suitable for bulk shipments, which are lower than flights, but are longer than flights.


Consolidation (Consolidation) can be used in a flight or a charter transportation mode, refers to several batch of air freight agent company will separate is concentrated into one batch of the shipment to the airlines check it, fill out a total bill sent to the same destination, then by their authorized local agent is responsible for distribution to the actual consignee. This method of consignments can reduce shipping costs and is one of the main operations of air freight forwarders.

Express service

Air Express Service is a delivery Service that is owned by a Courier company and an airline. By fast company send someone as soon as possible after taking the goods from the consignor flight shipment, the goods arrived at the destination, shall pick up pick up the goods, after completed the formalities of were delivered to the consignee directly, known as the “table” to transport (Desk to Desk Service). This is the quickest means of transportation, especially suitable for all kinds of urgent items and documents.

To handle air transport by foreign trade enterprises, the air transport company shall be appointed as an agent to handle the goods, orders, customs declaration and consignments for export goods. The client should fill in international goods consignment note, well will related customs clearance documents to air freight, air freight agent after check from the airline, air waybill issued by airline, namely for the carrier to begin. The airlines are responsible for the good of the goods in transit.

Upon arrival of the goods, the consignee shall take delivery of the goods issued by the airline.

Express mail is different from aviation express

Express delivery is better than aviation express, the freight is more than the air express, the quantity is less than the air express.

Express mail is the mode of transportation of vertical, can be aviation, railway, highway, waterway transportation, cargo delivery area widely, transit, distribution through secondary and tertiary station. The goods are dispatched to the country. Although the fast operation cost is low, the goods can be dispatched in time, but the safety factor is lower than that of air transportation because of the increase in the circulation of the goods.

Air travel can only be transported by air. The distribution of goods is given priority to the city area between two points. Secondary, tertiary, and allocated areas of delivery, which are usually delivered directly by car transport and not in transit. The cost of the second journey is relatively high. Suitable for operation of large heddle goods and fragile products.

In the airfreight shipment matters needing attention of above, we look into its characteristics in the air are introduced for its features of the more common problems, in view of the transport characteristic, for example, analyses the characteristics of several kinds of common transport way. Let us also further understand some of the common business issues of airfreight.

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