The opening of the central and European countries in guangdong led to the acceleration of trade between China and Russia

On April 17, in the morning, after 12 days, Russia wolsey’s central European trains leave loaded with grain and food, glided into China manzhouli port, is expected to seven days to arrive in guangdong dongguan.

Just a week earlier, carrying 41 container of lamps and lanterns, electrical appliances, clothing and other goods X8426 central trains, horns start from dongguan shilong railway international cargo base, Russia wolsey north for 11500 km. The class also arrived at the manchuria port, ready to enter the border area of baikal.

This is the first time in guangdong province to realize central trains two-way folio, for the construction of central railway passage, expand the bilateral trade between China and Russia, improve cross-border logistics channel construction, guangdong unicom, southeast Asia and Russia, the European location advantage significance is obvious.

The bilateral trade between China and Russia is in good shape

On April 11, 6 PM, guangdong provincial people’s government, the Russian import and export group, guangzhou railway group, sinotrans co., LTD., Russia and so on between China and Russia on behalf of national railway co. LTD., guangdong railway in shilong town, dongguan international logistics base, witnessed the two-way trains opened in central Europe. It also means that china-russia trade has opened a new chapter.

Statistics show that the backdrop of the downturn in global trade, implementation of guangdong province and Russia trade grow, both import and export value of 37.26 billion yuan in 2016, up 2.1% from a year earlier. In the first two months of 2017, the import and export value of the two countries was 6.37 billion yuan, up 27.2% from the same period a year earlier, with import value increasing by 96.7%.

It is understood that the guangdong china-eu two-way trains will be weeks since may, normalized operation, in the current container railway transport is relatively mature products, on the basis of shilong railway to Moscow, this year it plans to open channels, to guangdong to Russia, Japan building new channel capacity is close to 100000 pieces of small commodity, and lay a solid foundation for the much larger European markets.

China and the eu have great potential for two-way trade

Shilong), held the opening ceremony of guangdong (railway international logistics base, planning area of 3619 mu, the existing railway container freight station and container yard, on the basis of custody and will continue to explore through development of multimodal transport, construction of form a complete set of sino-russian trade industry park and the way of supervision service administrative facilities, continuously consolidate all the way “area” logistics “hub” status.

All the way to boost the dongguan seize “area” of strategic opportunities, huangpu customs belonging to dongguan customs as actively, combined the dongguan government and sinotrans guangdong co., LTD., accelerate the construction of dongguan shilong railway freight port, relying on strong local manufacturing strength and extension of the resources in the pearl river delta source, shilong town, play a unique traffic location advantage, opening “shilong, manchuria, Russia, Europe,” “central trains” and “shilong, ala shan kou, five central Asian countries” trains “central Asia”, and international trains in many cities in China, a large number of communications equipment, furniture, home appliances, electronic products such as guangdong advantage sources, near ground to kazakhstan, Mongolia, Russia, the Czech republic, Turkey, Germany, Sweden and other countries along the “area”.

According to statistics, the value of goods and the quantity of goods has been increasing greatly since the first international class was opened from the logistics base. By the end of March 2017, huangpu customs belonging to dongguan customs regulation output weight more than 124000 tons, a total of over 4.1 billion yuan, accounting for more than 90% of guangdong bahn international cargo shipment. Of which 6455 tons of goods sent to Russia, value 134 million yuan, mainly for the tablet PC, mobile phone, communication base stations, air conditioning, lighting, auto parts, shoes, toys, covering electronic information, electrical home appliances to the many varieties of light industrial products.

Customs helped to speed up the china-europe line

In addition to the transportation advantages of the railway itself, the efficiency of international railways and the speed of customs clearance are important factors affecting the efficiency of logistics. Shilong port, in order to better serve the international train, in view of the actual situation, huangpu customs belonging to dongguan customs to set up the international special customs service window, according to the requirements of enterprises and the change of freight trains dynamically adjust the frequency of the customs. Customs supervision of “five inspection + booking customs clearance” working mode, check the offcial “door-to-door service”, help enterprise quickly customs clearance formalities, make sure that goods train “shall” on the day.

At the same time, in order to further improve customs clearance efficiency, huangpu customs through research and demonstration by the end of 2016, the international trains was optimized model of regulation, effectively satisfy the dependency ‘declaration, make a loading’ business requirements. Enterprises can choose the scene of the huangpu customs any ‘one-stop’ to complete the formalities of customs declaration and cargo shall give a letter, the goods can arrive in guangdong ‘to choose the mode of transportation make (shilong railway international logistics base) and directly loading the departure formalities, customs clearance efficiency is improved. It is estimated that in the future, the ceibs will save nearly two thirds of the time on the sea liner, which will save nearly 50% of the cost of the flight.

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