The comprehensive bonded area of the new port of new port of wuhan is passed through the state

On the 16th of July, the comprehensive bonded area of the new port of new port of wuhan passed the national acceptance and became the second comprehensive bonded area after wuhan donghu comprehensive bonded area.

Led by the general administration of customs, the national development and reform commission, ministry of finance, the ministry of land and resources, the ministry, the ministry of commerce, national tax administration, state administration for industry and commerce, quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, the state administration of foreign exchange and other departments jointly set up joint assessment team all the countries, after the han field check and review, agreed that the wuhan Newport airport comprehensive free trade zone (phase I) infrastructure within the scope of acceptance area of 1.5035 square kilometers, isolation facilities, a dedicated channel, regulatory infrastructure and related facilities in line with the areas under special customs supervision infrastructure and regulatory acceptance criteria “and the provisions of the relevant state laws and regulations and requirements, joint assessment team all agreed to by acceptance, and acceptance certificate.

The new port of new port in wuhan was officially approved by the state council on March 11, 2016, with a planned area of 4.05 square kilometers.

The head of wuhan’s new Hong Kong administrative committee said that the district will copy and promote the reform and innovation system and policies of the hubei free trade area, and work hard to establish new heights of opening up to the outside world. Relying on the tianhe airport, central (wuhan) trains and yangluo port three core nodes, build “molten iron and empty” seamless docking of the international and domestic “shaft radial” multimodal transport system, form the domestic logistics supply chain management center and global supply chain management important hub node.

In 2011, wuhan donghu comprehensive bonded area was approved as the first comprehensive bonded area. It is located in the guanggu area, which is mainly in the area of foxconn, lenovo, beacon fire, changfei and other export-oriented high-tech enterprises.

Wuhan customs controller introduces, at present has the east lake in wuhan city heald protect area, wuhan Newport airport heald protect area and the wuhan economic development zone, export processing zones and other three special customs surveillance zone, the largest number in the central city.

What are the benefits of the heddle zone?

Heddle area after acceptance by bao, can enjoy the current state of area related tax, trade, bonded services, foreign exchange management, inspection and quarantine and a series of policy, at the same time can also enjoy the national, provincial, municipal and industrial development in the area to provide awards, leasing, platform support policies, such as for processing manufacturing and trade logistics enterprises save a lot of production, manufacturing and logistics costs.

For example, a batch of Australian milk powder is imported into the country. If this batch of milk powder directly into the bonded area, because of its “within the territory of the commissioner of” identity, can wait for sales after the completion of the customs clearance, tax, operators can reduce capital takes up by deferring tax rate, reduce operating costs.

For example, a large electronics processing plant and its upstream and downstream enterprises are located in the heddle zone. Machines imported from abroad may be exempted from customs duties; The import of raw materials may be taxed at the time of processing into finished goods and sold, without the tax on the raw materials stage; The processing of goods between the processing plant and the upstream and downstream enterprises can also be exempted from VAT and consumption tax.

What is the area of special customs supervision

In wuhan, guanggu, yangluo and east west lake have a heddle area, which has an export processing zone and a free trade area in hubei province. What is the connection and difference between these concepts?

Wuhan customs, this area can be referred to as the areas under special customs supervision, it is to point to by the state council for approval in our country in the implementation of tax preferential policies, such as bonded processing, bonded logistics and bonded services such as diversified business, by the customs regulation of a particular area.

According to the general administration of customs, as of November 2016, there were 129 special regulatory areas in the country, and they were increasing. Import and export value is about more than $6300 in these regions, start the operation area of 277 square kilometers, import and export value of $2.3 billion per square kilometer, and promoted the development of China’s foreign trade, supported by our trade great-power status

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