The single window of chengdu international railway port is officially opened

On April 1, China chengdu QingBaiJiang railway (sichuan) free trade port area was officially running, kicked off the chengdu international railway port to push forward the reform of the international trade facilitation.On May 5, as an important reform QingBaiJiang free trade of the construction of the test vehicle – chengdu international railway single window will officially put into operation.

Chengdu international railway port of a single window project to start on May 18, 2016, the project design a total construction area of 19000 square meters, including four layers, a total of 11000 square meters on the ground, underground two layers, a total of 08000 square meters.Railway port of a single window consists of two function modules: administrative examination and approval of the single window (sichuan free-trade area QingBaiJiang district government affairs service hall) and trade service single window (chengdu international railway port single window integrated service hall).

To provide customers with \”one-stop customs clearance service

It is reported that chengdu international railway port more than a single window will change the traditional window service work mechanism, implementing a window to accept, internal transfer, the examination and approval, completed in parallel, provide one-stop service for enterprise, avoid enterprise bull run, improve efficiency, reduce management costs.

The single window of administrative examination and approval

Mainly deal with relevant matters of administrative examination and approval, respectively set up commercial registration, tax services, investment, construction, three kinds of single window into hair change, environmental protection, construction, planning, industry and commerce, taxation and other 19 units, will be 220 enterprises conduct site handles the relevant examination and approval items, one-stop shop for examination and approval of foreign investment, enterprise registration for the enterprise, environmental assessment, planning and construction, tax tax matters.

Commercial registration in a single window

Further promote the reform of commercial registration system, implement national treatment before foreign access to add negative inventory management system, to carry out the \”unity, one more as a yard\” registration, practice the \”full acceptance and transferred to a window\” working mode, realize high-efficient and convenient registration.

Invest in a single window

In accordance with the \”front and rear of examination and approval, technology leading, lack of acceptance of the idea, for the implementation of key projects\”.543 slugging \”working mode.By streamlining optimization, joint consultation with the approval of project construction, information sharing, tracking service, promote the project early fall to the ground, the early construction, early production.

Tax services in a single window

\”One person one double system\” joint tax mode.The land tax the exchange of personnel, cross position, mutual authorization, the in and out of the window, internal flow, further enhance efficiency.Government affairs hall in free trade zone, enterprises can implement the backlog items on the spot is dealt with;Commitments for preliminary examination on the spot and accept, promised time do bears;Reporting matters shall be the responsibility of the district department of reporting, avoid enterprise bull run.

Trade in services in a single window

The customs, inspection and quarantine, railway, port, the forwarder company \”five kind of window\” integration into a single service window, unity in the face of the customer by customer manager, to accept the business, all-the-way tracking, to provide customers with convenient and efficient \”one-stop customs clearance service.At the same time, also can provide customers including railways, highways, shipping each link of the multimodal transport, international trains transport and logistics services of customs clearance, domestic goods assembled at the port of entry, at the same time providing customers with one-stop customs clearance, one vote, efficient, low-cost supply chain services.

Sichuan fta QingBaiJiang area, said an official with the chengdu international railway port of a single window integration of industry and commerce, taxation, investment promotion, planning, construction and other administrative examination and approval and booking, transportation and customs clearance service resources, can for the enterprise to port investment, construction and cross-border trade to provide efficient, convenient, low cost, financial services, government services of customs clearance and transport services, to chengdu international railway port to achieve international trade facilitation plays an important role.

Perfect online system platform

Completed trade online \”single window\”

Corridor strong industry.In recent years, for the positive response to the national construction \”neighbourhood\” all the way to enhance the level of external connectivity and promote the construction of chengdu comprehensive national center city, exhibiting the idea about the new development of chengdu international railway port to \”terminal\” and channel, promoting trade, industry, efforts to create radiation Eurasia international logistics hub, affect the global hub of international trade, outstanding advantage of industrial agglomeration.

At present, chengdu international railway port has preliminary build jiang dahai, international railway logistics channel to big hub of international trade, industrial agglomeration is committed to the transition of the highlands.Therefore, chengdu international railway port to free trade area construction as an opportunity to actively explore financial services, government services, in the reform of administrative examination and approval and customs clearance services, port services innovation, optimize the business environment.

“The next step, chengdu railway port\” single window \”will further improve the online system platform, active docking customs, inspection, taxation, foreign exchange, banking and other related institutions, implement trade information connectivity of each part, completed trade online\” single window \”.\”, said an official with the sichuan fta QingBaiJiang area will be in big open to promote development, in a larger range of higher level configuration resources, develop the market, focus on building is given priority to with my cross-border inter-regional industry chain and value chain, the innovation chain, to lead to free trade area construction, improve the high level of the open economy system, focus on building the rule of law, internationalization, facilitation of business environment.

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