With the increasing number of “passengers”, the economic and trade relations between China and Europe are closer together.

Rong’s quick iron

“Area” initiative in China’s early results, rong’s quick iron with a quicker and cheaper than by air than by sea of unique advantages, from scratch in just a few short years, rapid development. The new logistics channel between Asia and Europe, will not only large quantities of inexpensive and quality “made in China” to Europe, also let Europe, including agricultural products, automotive, commodity to enter the Chinese market more conveniently, pull the china-eu economic and trade.

On May 7, 26.2 tons of Dutch frozen pork was transported to chengdu by the “iron ore express”. This is the first time that the Netherlands has exported frozen meat to China in a logistics way that will be used for the first time.

“At present, the transit clearance of frozen meat trans-national rail transit has been properly resolved, and the import of frozen meat in Europe is expected to expand rapidly.” This batch of frozen meat importers jersey and Thai trade co., LTD., general manager of chengdu shu long countries, said this year the company plans to through the china-eu trains from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and other European countries import frozen ark of 4000, about 100000 tons.

As of the end of last year, there were 39 lines running in the central Europe line, totaling nearly 3,000 columns, covering 9 countries and 14 cities in Europe. As the most populous city in China last year, the city of chengdu, with Poland rhodes, the Netherlands tilburg, and nuremberg, Germany, has set up a total of 460 train lines. Now, in the first four months of the year, the chengdu development bank has already reached 235, including 91, which has imported $150 million worth of European goods.

Along with the increasing number of “passengers” of our company, the economic and trade relations between China and Europe have become closer and countries along the belt and road have been actively participating in the economic development opportunities of China.

Since its establishment in 2014, the Chinese consulate in the Netherlands has been actively pitching to the Dutch enterprises to promote the company. In the view of the consul general kong sizhe, western China is a fast-growing, potentially huge market with opportunities. In addition to agricultural products, infant milk powder and other goods trade, Dutch companies in the future can also in the agricultural production technology, water management, logistics chain management, creative industry in areas such as the depth of cooperation with China.

Hartlage logistics, based in rhodes, Poland, is a partner in the European segment. Using the advantage of “near water floor”, hartlance logistics company has found a new business opportunity in this class.

Last year, the company opened a “Chopin gourmet” store on jd.com, selling polish goods directly to Chinese consumers in the form of cross-border e-commerce. At the same time, it also invested in a in chengdu “polish products pavilion”, not only show hundreds Poland characteristics of a product, but also set up cooperation platform, intends to carry out bilateral trade and investment enterprise “connect”.

“Ten years ago, few polish companies know chengdu. But since four years ago in chengdu to rhodes’ rong’s quick iron after operation, the polish consulate general in chengdu, a growing number of polish companies are willing to take a look at chengdu.” Natalia Kosana Goldysiak, a polish girl who has worked in chengdu for six years, now works at the polish boutique. She says chengdu is becoming an important destination for polish companies to invest in China.

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