o renew the legend of silk road and the “dream of the world” which has been developed by the “One Belt And One Road”.

From 114 BC to now

The ancient silk road has always been linked to China’s economy

“The old camel bell jingle to greet visitors, now have” One Belt And One Road “go out!

On One Belt And One Road, there was a train called the central European class, which shuttled between the second Eurasian land bridge and pulled along the silk road economic belt. As of now, there are 46 ceibs in China, from 24 cities to 11 countries in Europe. In these lines, central European trains from chengdu to lodz, Poland is the biggest hit, many trains is open a shift every few days, but the china-eu trains (rong’s fast rail) has been reached on an average day 2 column central Europe from QingBaiJiang, return 1 column, a day on average this year is expected to put 1000, accelerate the Eurasian trade development.

On April 15 this year, CCTV series “the west to the central trains, recorded a central European trains from QingBaiJiang to lodz, Poland X8086 train, show the china-eu trains (rong’s quick iron) is how to attract more and more” passengers “, how the customs clearance is more and more convenient. Now, with Miss Hong Kong, explore the story behind the Eurasian trade route.

On April 15,

Central European trains X8086 train carrying appliances, notebook, rice, green plants, toys and other items, from heading QingBaiJiang to lodz, Poland, via qinling lodz, Poland, belarus, kazakhstan at the finish stand, the more than 9800 km, is expected to run 14 days or so, shipping lines than traditional compression for nearly a month’s time.

April 16,

With the sound of the whistle, the central European class X8086 slowly entered qinling station. Qinling baocheng railway to baoji section is the most high and steep steep north qin across section, in order to ensure the train smoothly through this period of lines, central trains will be here for a series of special security measures, complete overhaul use car after work will continue.

On April 17,

The ceibs X8086 trains through gansu province, and there are no loading and unloading operations in gansu. The train is moving faster, and will be assembled in the urumqi station in xinjiang.

On April 18,

Central European trains X8086 train way shaanxi, gansu and other provinces, has traveled more than 3100 kilometers, gathering in urumqi station complete driver rotation and column check homework, heading for ala shan kou, about 500 kilometers from urumqi to the distance of the ala shan kou, that night the train will arrive in its last stop in China – ala shan kou, the second asia-europe continental bridge in China frontier station, ala shan kou is important economic belt “silk road” node.

On April 19,

Ceibs X8086 passes through the red customs arch, accepts the non-parking “perspective” inspection, and runs from alyamaguchi to Poland. Ala shan kou station international multimodal transport hall with customs, inspection and the railway departments and other departments joint office here, many units after information sharing, to enhance the transmission efficiency, china-eu trains a lot of customs clearance time is compressed.

On April 24,

Central European trains X8086 train, all the way west, across the border city of kazakhstan, more, change the central trains here transit time only need 4 hours and 15 minutes, this is disabled, the customs department work 24 hours a day.

On April 28,

After a dozen days’ journey to the west, the central European class X8086 was set off from the qingbaijiang river and arrived at the terminal on the afternoon of the 28th. Before entering the polish, trains passing through the southwest border city of Brest, belarus is an important transport hub between belarus and Western Europe, and Europe’s trains.

Rong’s quick iron since April 26, 2013 operation, has now become a domestic bank is the most stable, the shortest operation time and highest degree of marketization of central trains, and with lightning fast speed towards the prosperity and development of “dream world”!

The amount of CDB

In 2013, 31 columns

In 2014, 45 column

In 2015, 103

In 2016, 453 columns (26 per cent of the total of 1702 in China’s central Europe development bank), the number of CDB is the highest in the country.

2017 is expected to reach 1,000 columns

At the end of last year, chengdu railway container terminal throughput of 570000 teu was ranked the first, the central trains “rong’s quick iron” quantity can promote quickly, form the northern line to Moscow, central to rhodes, the downtown to Istanbul three line parallel pattern, build up “is a main and auxiliary, more direct,” the international railway trains the network system.

With the development of One Belt And One Road, the “iron and steel dragon” of the central European Union is connected not only to Europe and Asia, but also to the world.

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