Sichuan will build eight comprehensive transport corridors, connecting the main rail lines to “One Belt And One Road”.

Standing international container logistics park in chengdu, weight-losing also looked at the front of large manipulator is lifting “rong’s quick iron container”, think of previously shipped from Poland to decorate material, here transfer to the polish embassy in Beijing Broadway, he can not help but taste here again the rapid development of modern logistics industry.

Five years ago, zhu lei, a logistics major, came here to witness a new life in a scrap railway, as his life began anew. In the eyes of zhu lei, the potential of the logistics hub is a microcosm of the development of sichuan’s traffic logistics.

On June 3rd, the provincial government’s office of the provincial government announced the announcement of a plan to promote the implementation of the integrated development of transport logistics. In promoting the development of transportation logistics integration scheme, you will see how to use the hardware and software construction in sichuan, through social logistics transport chain, for the logistics quality, authors, and increase efficiency.


Eight shot sanlian

Link “One Belt And One Road” to the main rail line

Transportation logistics transportation is the basis of channel construction, namely, railway, highway, route, navigation, etc., building efficient and smooth logistics channel is written in the book of “the plan” the most front guide part.

According to the “solution”, “eight triple shot” is the skeleton of the construction of the logistics channel integrated transport channel, the “eight” shot here in chengdu as the starting point of eight comprehensive transport corridor, including chengdu, northeastern sichuan, beijing-tianjin-hebei channels, chengdu – – Yangtze river delta in northeast sichuan, chongqing, chengdu, sichuan, the pearl river delta channel, chengdu – panxi – the association of south-east Asian nations (asean), sichuan-tibet nantong, fastening the north channel, chengdu – Nancy lattice; “Triple” is a major port of the Yangtze river golden waterway transportation channel, including chongqing, sichuan, the association of south-east Asian nations (asean) channels, shaanxi, northeastern sichuan, chongqing, lanzhou-chongqing channels.

Among this, sichuan will connect the beijing-tianjin-hebei, mainly through the construction of the railway Yangtze river delta, the pearl river delta, such as domestic important economic circle, the construction of trunk railway lines connect “area all the way”, connecting the asia-europe continental bridge and meng sino-indian economic corridor. The construction and promotion of expressway channel is the focal point of provincial, chengdu-chongqing city cluster, provincial urban agglomeration and economic zone. The cooperation between the sichuan port group and the main port of the Yangtze river depends on the expansion of the Yangtze river gold channel.

Based on the logistics channel, sichuan to weave research on traffic logistics in the logistics channel construction plan of action “and” multimodal transport development plan “.

Chengdu builds “5 + 6 + N” municipal logistics node layout

With the national development and reform commission, provincial, city construction of chengdu modern integrated transport hub city demonstration as an opportunity to “plan” clearly strengthen the chengdu international comprehensive traffic hub of the function. Aviation integrated transportation hub project, international railway port engineering, with foreign key logistics channels, freight yard and a batch of major traffic construction projects such as hub, become a focus. Such as chengdu tianfu international airport, sichuan Tibet railway, chengdu economic zone loop highway, chengdu to yunnan expressway.

This month, according to the latest printing “” much starker choices-and graver consequences-in” modern logistics industry development planning of chengdu, chengdu will build a “five park six several service center (PeiSongDian)” of the “5 + 6 + N” xiamen city logistics node facility layout system. Specific have longquan logistics center, the new logistics center, advocates state logistics centre, tianfu logistics center, JTG logistics center and jianyang logistics center, aviation logistics park in chengdu, chengdu international container logistics park, chengdu QingBaiJiang bulk logistics park, logistics park in xinjian and tianfu aviation logistics park.

Aviation logistics park in chengdu as an example, mainly relying on the shuangliu international airport, near the airport international and domestic freight station construction in the western region’s largest aviation logistics hub, by working in the inspection yard area, port, cargo agency area, regulatory bonded area, port management, freight forwarding, express, supporting service area of logistics, warehousing distribution area, supplies distribution area, distribution area, freight transit area, disaster relief material reserves.

The construction of the railway to the port and the logistics park

Through the hardware construction of the logistics transportation “the last kilometer”, written into the “solution”, namely the construction of the main port of dredging port railway, dredging port road, smooth roads surrounding the important railway freight yard, comprehensive logistics park construction of high-speed railway and urban GuoJingXian, etc.

According to the requirements, the main ports and large logistics zones of the province will be introduced into the railway by 2018. The plan proposes the distribution of logistics nodes represented by logistics park. Such as modern logistics port, west railway logistics parks in western China, sichuan and yunnan, guizhou and rail transport logistics distribution center, modern logistics center, panzhihua close to modern logistics park, logistics park in aba prefecture of sichuan qing gan plateau, yibin lingang international logistics park and so on one batch of radiation range, the service function of multimodal transport freight hub (logistics park), as well as in the aviation, railway transportation logistics transit nodes, the construction of mail, express mail processing center, professional Courier park, electric express park.

Have been in the shuangliu international airport aviation hub logistics model, domestic air express top 3 had been thoroughly in this place, will build yuantong express (chengdu) southwest district headquarters and yuantong southwest airline hub project, the distribution center in sichuan province industrial park motion, etc.

“Solution” in the road for the construction of the port, put forward the construction of 3, 5 and railway freight station, port, airport, etc organic link port of comprehensive road, 5-10 and the trunk transportation channel fast along with the base of highway port and a batch type and comprehensive effective connection, the base type highway port type, widely distributed Station Road port.


Code sharing

Airport flights will shuttle buses and high-speed trains

“For example, a passenger to sit the plane first, and then to sit high iron, his luggage if you can ‘code sharing, directly from the airport to the station, passengers need to reach the destination, only to pick up the luggage at the time of the high-speed,” sichuan province during the period of the 11th party congress, chengdu shuangliu district party committee secretary Zhou Xianyi China reporter interview, with passenger experience illustrates the “one-stop” or “one” the advantage of logistics services. “Code-sharing” is the experience of Singapore’s changi airport and the airport in Frankfurt, Germany, said zhou.

Logistics to the “a list” is written in the book “the plan”, put forward in the hot metal container multimodal transport, iron transport two key areas, the first breakthrough to achieve a station checked, a charge, a single to the end. In other words, there is a need for rail and water transport, rail and road transport, and only one “clearance” procedure.

Is closely related to the “one” is the multimodal transport, which is composed of two join each other and over means of transport, transport and do together transportation, generally is called multimodal transport. “The plan” put forward to promote the molten iron, and iron, air-land, jianghai multimodal transport development, build capacity matching transportation channel, equipped with modern facilities, the cargo change “seamless”.

The railway lines introduce inland ports, free trade zones, tax returns, and logistics parks and other key areas, which are the basis for multi-modal transport. In addition, chengdu to yibin port, luzhou port, chongqing harbor container intercity freight bus, form chengdu to the Yangtze river delta “public iron water” intermodal transport channel, etc.

According to the requirements, by 2018, with international service function of inland port railway ports, highways, water port and customs, inspection and quarantine departments gradually achieve the “one-stop” services, “a single” convenient transportation system basic establishment.

Internet plus urban and rural distribution

Chengdu has set up an urban distribution demonstration zone

As the construction of modern logistics is one of the main land of sichuan province in western China modern logistics port, relying on the “Internet” acceleration zone logistics information sharing, and promote the logistics and information fusion, electricity and other industries, according to effectively reduce logistics costs by more than 20%.

This is what the plan calls “Internet plus” for smart delivery. Among them, the “Internet + distribution between urban and rural areas” is the use of the postal service, express delivery, supply outlets, such as rural joint distribution, or support for site, agricultural materials PeiSongDian, village post station, post convenient service and Courier service point more unity, service, “with the network” service site construction, etc.

Suining city development of a logistics company has more than 200 “rural peddler,” they village and household, while local products collected from suining urban and rural sales joint distribution center unified delivery, while the villagers ordering goods from here to the hands. Every day, the “village cargo” collects more than 20,000 eggs from towns and villages in the city and sells them to supermarkets and shopping malls in the city.

In addition, chengdu has first to carry out joint distribution pilot city, the establishment of a unified regulatory “urban centralized distribution demonstration zone”, solve the urban express traffic, dock and homework problems.

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