This year chengdu railway bonded logistics center built a professional center to bring the industry together

Recently, from the port of qingbaijiang district in chengdu international railway good news: on March 14, central European trains rong fast iron northern chengdu to belarus custom trains starting trains has successfully arrived, marked the rong of chengdu preparing iron northern Europe quickly out of the substantive step. By the end of the month, there will be a flight to Russia.

Behind this, the chengdu railway bonded logistics center (type B) has contributed.

It attracts a lot of strong trading companies

The operation of chengdu railway bonded logistics center attracts a lot of strong trading enterprises both at home and abroad. On March 1, DB global international freight agency (China) co., LTD., to complete the first ticket goods into the area, marked the chengdu railway bonded logistics center (type B) progress has been made in cooperation with world famous forwarder company.

An interview on March 21, is declared the first ticket for export goods trains logistics co., LTD., general manager of chengdu central Asia Wang Binwei an example: “with the bonded logistics center, the enterprise can do 2 million yuan 1 million yuan of money. No bonded logistics center, means that enterprises need to deal with import and export business with long time, and due to the backlog of goods is likely to appear, causes the enterprise capital turnover poorly. Enterprises in the bonded logistics center is different, the enterprise can be placed in the warehouse the goods, take as much as they need, at the same time can also handle the corresponding number of cargo customs clearance, tax refund business. Ideally, the enterprise can be in one day to deal with all the import and export business.”

Chengdu railway pursues a policy of “within the territory of the commissioner of bonded logistics center, in the center of the enterprise in the import and export customs clearance will enjoy the two main benefits: it is to save the cost for the enterprise; Second, we will retax the export of goods in the center, accelerate the flow of enterprise funds and save the cost of capital.

This year, several major centers will be built

On the afternoon of March 21, witnessed a bonded logistics center of chengdu railway goods customs clearance: trains imported from Sweden by air, by chengdu central Asia logistics co., LTD., a number of times to declare customs declaration formalities, collagen by trucking bayonet into the center channel, and then to check the warehouse inspection, finally carries on the bonded warehouse. “Customers are satisfied with the efficiency and operating costs of the customs clearance, and intend to build a distribution center within the bonded logistics center.” Yang lei, manager of chengdu container company’s operations management center, said the company imported about 8, 000 tons and 400 containers a year.

Speaking of chengdu railway bonded logistics center (type B) this year’s development, Yang said, would create a few class professional goods distribution center, the formation of the large crowds of several kinds of goods in the bonded logistics center; Will also cooperate with the chengdu international railway port to develop the automobile import business, forge a vehicle, auto parts and other professional distribution center, the formation of industry agglomeration. “Once the formation of professional distribution center, will significantly improve the chengdu railway bonded logistics center’s popularity in the bonded logistics center, in improving its business at the same time, the development of the chengdu international railway port also has a great significance.” “Mr. Yang said in detail.

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