The first public bonded warehouse in northeast sichuan: import goods enjoy “domestic customs clearance”

In import trade, the high import tariffs is like a “camp”, on January 12, northeastern sichuan one of the first public bonded warehouse officially put into use in waste, import tariffs on enjoy preferential, commissioner of “in” in bond does not need to pay custom duty.

The construction of the public bonded warehouse in guangan port was approved by the end of 2016. What exactly does this public bonded warehouse look like? What benefits will they bring to businesses and citizens? The reporter went to visit.

Scene: the warehouse wall is full of cameras and every move is in the eyes of chengdu customs

Guang ‘an port is about six kilometers from the city of guang ‘an, covering an area of over 3,000 mu. Into the port, greeted in the wide areas, storage area is located in the door type gantry crane on the left side of the assignments section, from their after cargo ship the goods by the gantry crane, is less than 5 minutes to reach warehouse area.

New opening port of waste public bonded warehouse is located at storage area, warehouse area of 3060 square meters, as big as half a football field, a quarter of the total warehouse area. Walking into a public bonded warehouse, the warehouse is not so different from other warehouse layouts, except for a lot of cameras around the walls. “These cameras are connected to chengdu customs, which can monitor the situation in the warehouse in real time.” Cross port type public bonded warehouse director jin lei said that the goods are not stored in the warehouse by the customs inspection, pay the duties, so the movements within the storage must be under the monitoring of the customs.

Pointing to the corner of the warehouse, Mr. Jin said that there will be more than 500 square meters of refrigerated warehouses that store large imports of fresh food. In more than 3000 square meters of warehouses, the next step will be according to the different import goods, planning of different storage conditions “small warehouse”, as a result, convenient and meet the requirements of different customers.

Although there is currently no pile goods warehouse, the peace that runs the waste port harbor company chairman, general manager Jiang Jieming revealed that at present, the waste port and largest state-owned circulation enterprises production data of tianjin, tianjin property group, parallel imports cooperation projects, after waiting for perfect bonded supervision function will also be mass introduction; Have cross-border treasure company cooperate with chongqing set up cross-border electric business platform, will use the peace prosperity French amorous feelings street building cross-border business entity experience area, make waste people more convenient, high quality and preferential price to import goods; At the same time, we will build a cold chain distribution center in the harbor, and make the high-quality agricultural and sideline products of guang ‘an sell directly overseas. It will be the exclusive partner in the southwest section of the business with the Singapore based group.

It is conceivable that future in the warehouse, will pile up the traditional bulk production of raw materials, imported cars and other luxury goods, cross-border electricity contains red wine, milk powder, imported commodities such as small home appliance, and “waste to produce high quality agricultural and sideline products and commodities and many other products.

Meaning: the company reduces the cost burden the citizen can buy at the door of the house to buy the goods at a reasonable price

On January 12, nanchong tianfu gold orchid industry co., LTD., from the United States imported $60 million worth of California wine become waste port type public bonded warehouse in the first order. From the west coast of the United States Pacific into the Yangtze river, then through river way inch beach of chongqing port into the canal, after 12 days, the goods from the United States to the cross, this batch of wine in waste to Hong Kong for two days later, by a large truck directly to nanchong 80 miles away.

With the opening of the public bonded warehouse in guanan port, the chief operating officer of nanchong tianfu jinlan liquor co., LTD., sees the opportunity. “In this batch of wine, for example, according to the import price, tariffs in 8 million yuan, such as capital turnover difficult situation, through bank loans, the interest is need more than 40, ten thousand yuan a year.” According to xu, there is a bonded warehouse, which can be carried out in batches, paid in batches, sold in part and then sold in part so that the money can be turned around. At the same time, the public warehouse also provides the site for the storage of the goods, which is more cost-effective than renting a warehouse in the city.

Guangan and tianjin property group have launched parallel import vehicle cooperation projects to let guangan CAI jin song see a business opportunity. “Parallel import cars, it is to point to without the authorization from the brand manufacturers, traders directly from the country of origin or to buy cars and imported into the Chinese market sales in overseas markets. This kind of parallel channels with domestic authorized distribution channels, these cars, manufacturers do not offer guaranteed quality, but can be by product quality insurance in the insurance company, compared with the normal import cars, no dealer layers of price, price advantage is obvious, for example, in tianjin BMW X5 (ul) is 700000 yuan, the porsche cayenne 3.0 T (ul) around 800000, cross people can walk don’t leave home can buy cheaper imports.”

Yan yi, deputy director of the chengdu customs office in nanchong, said it was of great significance to locate the first public bonded warehouse in northeast sichuan. “It further establishes the importance of guangan as the leading city of foreign trade development in northeast sichuan.” Yan yi said that the establishment of the bonded warehouse is conducive to the continuous improvement of the comprehensive platform for the opening and upgrading of guang ‘an in guang ‘an.

For the cross has build China electronic information at the provincial level demonstration base, LinShui provincial electrical and mechanical professional export base, two base exports accounted for more than 70% in the city, is now actively create forward provincial textile specialized export demonstration base.

Paper business bureau Lin Fan introduction, cross port type public bonded warehouse is the second after chengdu in sichuan public bonded warehouse, the current paper imports mainly chemical equipment and machinery products, the imported combined tax rate more than 20% generally, such as type into the waste port public bonded warehouse, import enterprises undertake the imports can be “cut” by more than twenty percent, the import enterprises significantly reduce financial stress.

“Ambition” in the future, cross trade open cooperation will not only confined to the public bonded warehouse, Lin Fan revealed that the next government will and the enterprise joint efforts, in the cross and chengdu customs support built into the customs surveillance zone of the municipal party committee, actively promote the customs, commodity inspection and other regulators, make the waste port further capability of commodity import and export trade port, so, cross port type public bonded warehouse will be the whole economic area in northeast sichuan chain into the starting point of the global division of labor system.

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