Amazon’s biggest secret, I do and I understand that the current cross-border electrical contractor

There’s a secret about Amazon

My company operating Amazon has nearly five years, because the time is not late, we are lucky to rush to a certain size, and did the brand in the first two years and the depth of the supply chain cooperation work. Of course, I didn’t do the main job of creating performance.

To describe the reason for our company’s Amazon operations, that’s:

Because my colleagues are amazing!

It’s really my heartfelt words:)

Beyond that, I’m going to talk a little bit about the idea of the real thing, and welcome to the brick:)

E-commerce strategy: traffic bonus and platform precipitation

From the point of view of the average seller, Amazon is still in a dividend period, and opinions differ. In my opinion, the judgment of the bonus period should not be regarded as an industry trend and status. Assessing whether dividends can be pursued should also take into account the ability of the entrepreneur to do so.

So when some new entrants to the seller when asked whether a platform to do good, the problem is no solution, because the business is never see an opportunity, but this time you showed is faster than others, or strong combat effectiveness.

From the global market for cross-border e-commerce, there should be a certain amount of operational value as long as logistics and support for a sufficiently developed country and platform. Industry has a high recognition is said it is ok to be an amazon, so far, given the major category on amazon is the competition, I’d like to bring up the layout of a electricity sellers.

Mature platform precipitation products, emerging platforms chase dividends.

In simple terms can be interpreted as, in platforms such as Amazon do high-quality goods at the same time, the use of the existing business systems and operational processes, copy these experiences to the emerging platform, more and more on emerging platform test SKU sales, is likely to account for new pit, unexpected harvest.

Back to a new seller asked “a platform is good to do this issue, if must answer, the answer would be clear, if you present the master is not a lot of the supply chain resources, is not entirely without opportunity, can avoid the current mainstream platform, to the emerging platform (new area, a new category, mobile terminal, etc.) on the way to accumulate their own electrical business. If you already have an advantage in supply chain resources, you should be able to generate better business performance directly in mature markets such as Amazon.

All say the product is king, what should I do after that?

A product is a word that practitioners often say. But what I see is that there are different ways of understanding and implementing this sentence. My idea is that when we really deep identification products these four words to the king, and really have at hand relative to other peers have advantages of products, what do I do that Amazon does Walmart, or independent station platform, online or offline, do domestic trade and foreign trade, the mall or convenience store, these choices is not the most important problem. We have to think about choosing the most efficient channel based on the product and other resources at hand.

In a broad spectrum of e-commerce, there is an argument that the chamber of commerce will disappear in a few years, because e-commerce is already a foundation, and there is no such thing as a special dividend.

It is two different kinds of business thinking to find the hot item in the channel, and to explore the channel of product discovery.

The above two kinds of thinking are not bad, look at our own business resources, and the expectations and direction of our business. It should be said that in the future, the former will be the main way of thinking, because it will be quick and profitable. But the main idea is that the risk is also high, including intellectual property, stagflation, rapid low margins, and so on.

I want to look at the second train of thought from the point of view of traffic.

Any a platform of traffic sources are diverse, in recent years, due to high heat social media push platform blasting examples of selling products have many, such as balance of the car. And before selling a product in a certain platform, may have to sell for a long time, the user’s attention, however, were not arrived in electric business platform, so we chose product source of information should be diversified, seize the trend of harvest product of the first wave of dividends. That’s why many people use social media to explore options.

Finally, when we are talking about the product is king, we might as well jump out specific an electric business platform, to assess the needs of the online retail market, to set a stocktaking, then based on the characteristics of the stocktaking, choosing the right platform for sales.

Cross-border e-commerce – hurt “business”

It’s not a tongue twister. What do most of us do now?

Competitors survey, positioning and research competing goods, assessment of profits, looking for the factory, the innovation and improvement, cost performance and cost optimization – stores all kinds of promotion and drainage.

Is really no big problem, this process may only be process in such a cycle, can let a person lack of security, because under this trend, sales of product life cycles are getting shorter, lower and lower profit, believe that everyone has to experience.

Why said cross-border electricity injury in the “business”, because we are doing a product, few people will consider the customer get the product, user scenarios, what is core requirements, why buy, from the basic consumer behavior research, catch, of course, may be not comprehensive.

And many sellers understanding of cross-border electrical contractor “market research”, unexpectedly is peers on a platform of sales data (which is why we are so keen to rival product sales and rank). To investigate such a scope, there is a lack of statistical validity.

I think a lot of people realize that the next wave of e-commerce dividends are not the horizontal ones, but the solutions and the products that make the customer’s needs deep. Is understandable sounds reasonable, but we are the seller, and who can seriously looking for resources or time to really overseas consumers and product investigation, and even the most simple, to go to America to study a little bit about the offline supermarket products packaging?

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