In 2017, the national college entrance exam of cross-border e-commerce is a national exam, and you can go to tsinghua or Peking University…

In 2017, the national college entrance examination of cross-border e-commerce is a real problem

Choice (10 points, 10 points per question)

What is a cross-border e-commerce business?

A move brick

B to sell the goods

C makes foreigners money

D changes the world

What is the object of a cross-border e-commerce company?

A American

B, the people of Europe

C the russians

People who do cross-border e-commerce do not have an object

3, the working time of a cross-border businessman?

A nine to six

B gets up at 2 am to catch up with the seller

C is jet lag, black and white

D no rest day, no holiday

The company has arranged a trip for you. What do you think the purpose is?

A helps you in A different mood

B shapes the corporate culture

C suggests you’re not working well recently

D lets you change the listing

Who is more suitable for cross-border e-commerce?

A qiu ying ying, character is pure

B guan ju er, behave

C qu xiao xiao, hard work

D Andy, IQ quotient

E fan is the best

Who is the President of amazon China?

A Jeff bezos

B mark zuckerberg

C Elaine chang

D dunes

When is amazon Prime day this year?

June 18, A

B July 10 – July 16

C on November 11,

D didn’t know, didn’t invite me

Which of the following is not the three core pillars of the amazon A9 algorithm?

Customer satisfaction and retention

B the conversion

C correlation

D Buy Box

Can a company register two amazon accounts with the same information?

A can

B can not be

Will the product be off shelves for a few days?

A 5 days

B 7 days

C immediately

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