The central European freight rate is higher than the shipping authorities: it will lower the full rate

The national development and reform commission and the China railway corporation are responsible for the comrades

Asked the question of the china-europe banliege brand

On June 8th china-eu trains unified brand launch, central European trains, respectively, on the day of the unified brand and identity from chongqing, chengdu, zhengzhou, wuhan, changsha, suzhou, dongguan and yiwu eight originating. As a matter of fact, the national development and reform commission and the head of the China railway corporation have answered the questions of the journalists.

Q: please brief us on the development of the china-europe line.

Answer: central trains is to point to in accordance with the fixed routes, route, schedule, and the entire runtime operation, between China and Europe, and “neighbourhood” all the way along the international railway container transport trains from country to country. In recent years, the china-europe line has achieved rapid development and has accumulated more than 1700 columns. From the first column to the 500th column, it took four years; It took seven months from the 500th to the 1000. It took only five months from column 1000 to 1500.

Since March 19, 2011, central European trains operation starting from chongqing, chengdu, zhengzhou, wuhan, suzhou and other 16 cities have put to duisburg, Germany, Hamburg, 12 European cities such as container trains in Madrid. Currently, there are 39 lines running in the line, and more than 1, 300 kilometers per day.

Trains in central Europe with its safe and quick, green environmental protection, and the comprehensive advantages of small affected by natural environment, has become the backbone of the international road transport in the logistics way, for the service of foreign trade and economic development in our country, through central overland trade channels, realizing the road between central unicom, logistics flow, promoting the construction of “area” provides the security capacity.

Q: please brief us on the significance of the unified brand in the china-europe class.

A: in recent years, China’s economic and trade relations with Europe and the countries along the belt and road have been developing rapidly, with strong logistics demand and a large increase in the number and scope of the china-europe operation. But with the rapid development of the class, the problems of the name identification and the unconformity of market operation have also weakened the brand influence of the china-europe line.

Advance, along with the development of “area” construction along the central trains has become a deepening our country and important carrier of national economic and trade exchanges and promote the “area” of the construction of the effective gripper. Create central trains a unified brand, to optimize the integration of existing trains operation, promote internal benign competition, develop logistics service platform, promote healthy and orderly development of sino-european trains, has the very vital significance.

Q: please brief us on the main contents of the china-europe class brand construction.

A: there are five main aspects of the china-europe brand building.

One is a clear goal. Unified brand construction and trains naming, use unified brand, unified brand, unified brand publicity, through the joint efforts of the parties at the end of the “much starker choices-and graver consequences-in” establish central trains as an internationally competitive logistics and credibility of the international famous brand.

Second, unified management. Trains in central Europe as a country to promote the construction of the logistics brand “area”, the national development and reform commission and other relevant departments to coordinate, held by China railway corporation, and is responsible for the construction, the promotion and management.

The third is the uniform name. According to the drive and the silk road economic belt and the 21st century the vision and action of the Marine silk road “, in order to meet the need of “area” construction, defined central trains for China railway corporation organization, according to the fixed routes, route, schedule, and the entire runtime operation, between China and Europe and countries along the international railway container transport trains, service scope covers most of the countries of the silk road economic belt.

Four is the uniform sign. The Chinese expression of the class is “CHINA RAILWAY Express”, which is referred to in English as “CR Express”.

Five is the norm. Ceibs is a national brand that can be used by local government platform companies. All localities and news media should standardize the use of the names and signs of the china-europe class list, and there is no longer any use of the relevant titles in the central European countries.

Q: please brief us on the connotation of the china-europe class brand logo.

A: central trains identifies the overall elements on the basis of the representative the abbreviation of English letters, with mercedes-benz trains and flowing silk as the basic shape, clever LuHui China railway, China railway, express trains English letters, abbreviations in Chinese red, power, black color, simple and stable structure, dynamic nature, both highlighted the characteristics of railway and the elements, and highlights the Chinese railway steady heavy, honesty, tolerance, responsible for the brand image and strength.

The red “L” of the brand logo is like a flowing silk ribbon, which symbolizes the glorious history and bright future of the silk road economic belt. At the same time, along with China’s railway LuHui again, artistic exaggeration, deformation for “European” English first letter “E”, “Europe” and “Express trains” English “Express”, embodies the combination of Chinese and European culture. Extension of the bottom can also be regarded as the Chinese character “one”, the moral china-eu trains in the construction of “area” all the way long, provide first-class service and create a first-class brand goal to pursue.

Black “CR” is China’s Railway, English is the abbreviation of “China Railway” represents the industry attribute of trains, letters between closely linked, with one, full of strength, a symbol of China Railway cohesion, also reflect the confidence of China’s Railway development innovation, towards the world.

Endorsement logo of “central trains” variety and English name “CHINA RAILWAY Express”, and the main logo image for a locomotive traction load goods train, contains the Chinese railways have set up a bridge connecting the china-eu relations.

Q: it is understood that the current freight rates in the central and European countries are higher than the sea freight, and will there be any possibility of lower prices in the future?

A: different modes of transportation have their comparative advantages and corresponding market positioning. Central European trains is the international railway container transport between China and Europe, the new organizing form of a safe speed, green environmental protection comprehensive advantages, little affected by the natural environment, is an important complement, sea and air price is about one 5 of the air, running time is approximately a quarter of the sea. The national development and reform commission and other relevant departments will, in conjunction with the China railway corporation, strengthen communication and coordination, along with countries to jointly study and reasonable to determine the price of shipping, charge policy, further reducing the entire freight rate levels, enhance the competitiveness of central trains transport.

Q: currently, what are the main categories of goods transported in the china-europe class?

A: central trains transport goods category are mainly household appliances, mechanical equipment, auto parts, such as food, clothing, department stores, as well as electricity goods, goods category gradually shift to high value-added, IT products such as electronic products has become the basic source of trains. It is especially important to note that the goods, such as the goods and precision instruments used in the past, are now increasingly transported through the central European class.

Q: what early harvest and key demonstration projects were in the railway sector during the development of One Belt And One Road?

A: infrastructure connectivity is a priority area for building One Belt And One Road. In addition to accelerate the construction of central trains, in accordance with requirements of the deployment of the CPC central committee and the state council, national development and reform commission with the departments concerned, enterprises to actively promote the overseas railway infrastructure construction, the implementation of China railway go out breakthrough. At present, the construction of china-laos railway and Indonesia’s yaawan high-speed rail project has been commenced; The construction of the Serbian section of the china-thailand railway and the Serbian railway has been officially launched. At the same time, projects such as Russia’s Moscow, the high-speed railway in kazan, the western United States and Malaysia’s Singapore high-speed rail are moving forward.

Q: what is the situation of China railway going out?

Answer: in recent years, the rapid development of China railway, remarkable achievements, not only promoted the national economic and social development, and the international community is widely recognised, hope more and more countries and regions in the railway sector to carry out exchanges and cooperation, we would like to in line with the principle of mutual benefit, strengthen cooperation with other countries, share experience in China’s railway development.

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