Inner Mongolia wuhai spirulina is the first to export to Europe

According to the Inner Mongolia wuhai inspection and quarantine bureau, the first pass of the “china-europe train” to Frankfurt, Germany, was passed through the “central European central bank”.

The group will arrive in Europe within a week, 35 days shorter than shipping, and facilitate the export of spirulina.

It is understood that the quality and safety of banner in Inner Mongolia ordos this spirulina demonstration zone is the only national quality and safety of a national demonstration zone, at present, ranking first in the country, spirulina exports NianShu the total around 18000 tons of goods. This time, the export of spirulina through the “central Europe banliege” will effectively improve the transport efficiency of the export enterprises and promote the development of the more rapid and better economic development of the export-oriented economy of the uhai.

For continue to preempt the international market, the wuhai inspection and quarantine bureau to serve the local economic development as the backing, take advantage of local resources, take the “china-eu trains” go out and become the wuhai area exports to expand to the European market is one of the effective way.

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