When a westbound train passes through the village of alyamaguchi, there is a “land-port phenomenon”.

At noon on April 27, the zhengzhou railway bureau’s comprehensive freight center was assigned to an empty truck in the central iron union container center station. A few hours later, it set off from the zhengzhou field station and set off on the journey west to Europe.

This is a channel that has been running for four years.

History is always echoing. In the han dynasty, more than 2,000 years ago, zhang qian opened the western domain and sent it through the silk road of the western region of China.

But now central European trains across the Eurasian continental bridge, as an angel silk road economic belt, with a wide variety of goods and expectations “to discuss, and sharing”, night and day, seize every minute.


The west traveler of the explosion

At the end of April of zhengzhou, the temperature of the noon was already close to 30 ℃.

Zhengzhou central station workers began to work after lunch, with five or six storeys high door crane operation, will be printed with zhengzhou international land port company logo orange container filled 43 railroad freight cars.

When the train was opened in July 2013, the train was also known as the “zheng European class”. Last year, it was a freight train to Europe, such as “chongqing new Europe” and “hanxin Europe,” which was renamed the china-europe line, or freight train to Europe.

Enjoy the “special treatment” class line

In the mouth of Lin weidong, deputy general manager of the central station, he arranges and arranges the workers’ loading and unloading every day. “Central trains the no-load trains, the general will be in place waiting for one or two hours ahead of schedule, and normal freight trains is without this treatment. In addition, domestic short-haul freight train, in the allowed range, packing standard may be extended appropriately. But central trains can not, it will be across multiple countries and regions, traveling thousands of kilometers, must guarantee absolutely safe.”

At the zhengzhou nursery depot, the central European class, which is treated special, will send one every other day. The car, boxing and marshalling set out, the same process is being performed in 26 other cities across the country. At present, the central European central bank has formed a railway transport corridor in the west, middle and east, with 46 lines. As of the end of February 2017, the number of CDB cities increased to 27, reaching 28 cities in 11 countries in Europe.

Back in the years, the situation was quite different.

In 2011, chongqing opened a direct flight to Europe’s central Europe, and over the next three years, the number of columns in the central European class was 17, 42 and 80. In September 2013, China proposed the “One Belt And One Road” initiative, and the number of china-ceibs has risen sharply since then.

In 2014, there were 308 columns, 815 in 2015 and 1702 in 2016. As of April 15, 2017, the total number of CDB has reached 3,682.

Full capacity of 110% of 13-day travel

Currently, the trains are the highest in the freight train, faster than the average truck, and can reach speeds of 120 kilometers per hour. Putian in zhengzhou station shunting indoor, shunting team guidance Yang Xifa told reporters, the Beijing youth daily trains on each section has its own car and driver, relay traction west to the goods.

Soon, Yang received the notice that the line had been loaded, and he began to say hello to the crew to train the train.

On the railway, the unified orange red container was placed on the 43rd wagon train. Between the brown coal trucks and the gray ones, the central European line stands out.

After nearly an hour of marshalling, the class left the line on time at 18:40 on April 27th.

Central European trains (zhengzhou) operators, zhengzhou international department manager FanMingJie tell north green land port company news reporter, trains from zhengzhou to Hamburg, Germany, a road west longitude xinjiang ala shan kou port exit, along the way after five countries such as kazakhstan, Russia, the whole more than thousands of kilometers, need about 13 days. The operating time is 25 days cheaper than shipping, and the cost is three quarters less than air freight, a more cost-effective compromise.

“At present, there is a shortage of class lines, with 63 shifts in the first quarter of 2017, with 33 of them going and 30 shifts, with a full capacity of around 110%.” “More than 100 percent of the capacity is understood to be exploding,” explains zhao fengle, a business manager at the zhengzhou port of Hong Kong.

By the way,

The polish village “happy troubles”

The reporter of beiqing newspaper has a question: from zhengzhou, central Europe, why is this place called “field station”?

Yardmaster shaw teacher smiled: “is very common here before a village, called nursery tamura. Now what do you think of do not have what distinction, and the city around but these are the two years to build up.”

The site is located in the eastern side of zhengzhou, a few years ago in the suburbs.

Imported food has gone into the countryside

Management department manager FanMingJie said, pointing to the company near the entrance to a row of bungalow, this is when the company has just set up their office area, a dozen people crowded in a cottage. Behind the scenes, a dozen new office buildings have sprung up in two years, and locals call it the “land-harbor phenomenon.”

Speaking of the opportunities presented by One Belt And One Road, zheng guoqiang, assistant general manager at lu Hong Kong, lamented: “we are the practitioners and we are the beneficiaries.”

Zhengzhou’s exports to Europe rose by 254.9 per cent in the first five months of 2016, according to the zhengzhou bureau of statistics, and the total value of imports from Europe increased by 8.1% from a year earlier.

From the beginning of its establishment, the business scope of zhengzhou has not only been a focus on the surrounding area. Zhao fengle, a business manager, said that the central European class, which currently starts in zhengzhou, has only a very small proportion of the goods carried in zhengzhou. “It is also common for clients in southern China to find us in the distance.”

As a result, the zhengzhou port has set up a separate line of food along the lines of the direct line of the trading company, and set up the online and offline “double material” zhengo mall. Zheng of the mall at the gate of the land port company experience centre, from places such as Russia, Poland, Germany beer, beverage in container, their hometown in henan xinyang talk to Mr. Wang told north green newspaper reporter, he is come out in the countryside, the May Day holiday plan to bring home some of the “European” sample of relatives, he said: “I this is the living example, all the way ‘ ‘area have imported food radiation to the countryside.”

The connecting flight of the famous vents

Xinjiang northwest frontier Allah set of mountains and baal crookshanks two cracks, about 20 kilometers wide and have a smooth channel, about 90 km long, this is the second asia-europe continental ala shan kou southwest out of the channel. From zhengzhou, the central European line is at the border crossing at the mouth of the xinjiang uygur autonomous region. The goods are being inspected and quarantine, and the transfer of kazakhstan’s wide rail train leaves China.

The northern youth newspaper has learned that most of the central European countries have passed through xinjiang, and the port of alyamaguchi is one of the most important.

Ala shan kou, director of the office of the inspection and quarantine Han Bin have lived in xinjiang for decades, from the northwest accent he is pure, don’t recognize it turned out that he is from shandong. “I love xinjiang.” “But this is one of the four big vents in China,” he told the northern youth newspaper. “it’s very common for us to have winds above 10.”

In the eyes of the locals, it seems the right choice to leave. “Watch will become more and more cold and cheerless, but ‘area’ initiative once all the way, the train to go through from here, to Europe and central Asia with sentiment and confidence.” In the first few months of the One Belt And One Road initiative in 2013, the town of alyamaguchi, a small town, was set up. The ports here have the largest indoor exchange stations in Asia, along with a few lines of rails, the most of which is the “broad track” linking kazakhstan. When the freight train, including the central European train, comes into the station, the container will be replaced by a crane above the head, leaving China. At present, alashan has become one of the largest and busiest land ports in China.

The border village was changed for the second time

At the foot of the mountain lies the endless xinjiang gobi, a modern factory and asphalt road, where the bonded area is located in the “castles in the air”.

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