The new silk road “iron and camel team”

17 years on May 13, 16, X8024 china-eu trains (yiwu – Madrid) from yiwu west station honking out, the column of a train full of small commodities, clothing and other goods, also operation of column 1000 trains in central Europe in 2017. Compared with the same period last year, the increase of 612 columns increased by 158%. In the week of April 8 solstice14, the ccea 71 series was the highest in a single week. (liberation daily)

The central European class is a fast freight train bound for Europe, suitable for shipping containers. As “area” initiative is an important pragmatic cooperation, launched the “One Belt And One Road” initiative, central trains operation quantity achieve rapid growth, to the time limit for a sharp compression, significantly reduce logistics cost, continuously improve the service platform, the goods category increasingly rich, china-eu trains brand influence is growing. At present, relying on the new asia-europe continental bridge and the Siberian continental bridge, in the west, has been formed, east three central railway transport corridor, China railway has been drawing to central trains paths for article 51, the domestic bank city reach 28, arrived in 11 European countries in 29 cities, including 15 cities this year added two countries.

Central trains operation, not only broaden the overseas market, reduce the transportation cost, also increased the number of imported goods, reduce its price, to further deepen the trade activities of China and several European countries, the effective implementation of a win-win situation, to the further development of “area”, and laid a solid foundation. Because of the “iron” camel team on this new silk road, full of beautiful things in eyes of overseas commodity is within reach, and faster, product update, more affordable price.

Wine is not afraid of deep alley, china-eu trains did you do any things, and no hype the events what bo person eyeball, but by rail continuous efforts, has won the acceptance of countless people, central European trains train number increasing is a good case in point. We firmly believe that, with the efforts to build a “neighbourhood” deeply, and central European trains operation number will continues to grow steadily, “iron” camel team on the new silk road blooming new luster.

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