Shenzhen foreign trade exports 23 even the mystery behind the crown

On October 12, and the second public business throughout the country united innovative activities in shenzhen international guest week kicked off in shenzhen, unmanned aerial vehicles (uavs), VR, shenzhen “double gen” fist product such as robot came out.

According to shenzhen customs statistics, this year, high-tech exports of high-tech products in many industries in shenzhen have remained high. Between January and October, shenzhen customs inspection and export of cross-border e-commerce goods reached 702 million yuan, up 257 percent, while the proportion of high-precision products in e-commerce exports was up to 95 percent.

It is worth noting that in the first half of this year, the value of shenzhen’s foreign trade was 712.3 billion yuan, continuing the momentum of 2015 and continuing to stay in the top position in the country. In the past year, shenzhen’s foreign trade totaled 27516.6 billion yuan, of which 16415.4 billion yuan was exported, ranking first in the major cities of the mainland, and achieving the 23rd crown…

The data show that shenzhen’s manufacturing exports have already moved upmarket.

High-end development is in good shape

The reporter recently learned from the shenzhen bureau of statistics that the industrial high-end of shenzhen in 2015 was in good shape. The value-added of modern services was 713.447 billion yuan, an increase of 11.6% over the previous year. The added value of advanced manufacturing was 516.557 billion yuan, an increase of 11.5%. The value-added of high-tech manufacturing was 449.136 billion yuan, up 9.7%.

Along with the industrial production showed a trend of high-end, products are exported to also present high-end development situation, such as huawei, zte, byd, big jiang shenzhen high-tech enterprise, continue to vigorously develop the international market, the confidence of the science and technology innovation has become the shenzhen foreign trade growth.

“Market share, zte continue to maintain rapid growth in the global market, the fourth place in north American smartphone market as a whole, in Australia, Turkey, Mexico, emerging markets such as share the top five.” “The zte chief said.

In public transport, byd continues to lead the process of global public transportation. In 2015, byd continued to expand the use of all-electric buses and all-electric taxis in global markets. Among them, the company obtained 60 K9 all-electric bus orders from the California transit operator long beach, which is the largest order of electric buses in the United States…

High-end exports are a corollary

In recent years, due to the transformation by the manufacturer for the urgent needs of the manufacturing powerhouse, enterprises need a new manufacturing mode, to solve the mainly labor-intensive high labor costs, low system efficiency of a series of problems.

Li zujun, deputy director of the institute of resources and environmental policy at the state council development research center, believes that high-end exports of shenzhen products are the inevitable result of development. “On the one hand, the export of high-end is caused by the international market demand changes. The international high-end market demand has forced China’s export products to achieve a higher, the market won’t be able to open. On the other hand, shenzhen has quietly into an era of high cost, land, labor and other costs on the rise, high cost also force companies to produce high-end products.”

Shenzhen has a certain competitive advantage in the process of the development of manufacturing. “First of all, shenzhen as China’s earliest, d.c., it has advantage of system innovation; second, the innovation cannot leave the talents, brought together a number of highly qualified young talent in shenzhen; in addition, after more than 30 years of development, shenzhen has trained a batch of represented by huawei, tencent and other high-tech enterprises, relatively in other cities, shenzhen has a production of high-end products industry technology; finally, the culture atmosphere of innovation, exploration, efficiency and is conducive to high-end products to the shenzhen.” Li Zuojun said.

It should play a leading role

Skyworth group President Yang Dongwen has said that Chinese companies now have really started on a large scale international strategy, the most fundamental reason is to see the ceiling to the growth of the domestic market, the internationalization become a genuine demand.

In fact, in the economic growth is slowing, the traditional manufacturing trend under the environment of the downturn, through continuous development, transformation and upgrading and innovation towards intelligent manufacturing is a development of enterprise.

For example, with the depth of the robot strategy, skyworth, invested a lot of application in production of robot, each robot ownership of homework personnel has reached more than 200 units.

Li said that shenzhen should play a leading role in producing high-end products that are internationalized in the process of becoming high-end.

“To fully mobilize has innovation consciousness, risk consciousness of outstanding entrepreneur’s enthusiasm, the role of these entrepreneurs and drive more business grow up. In addition, for the enterprise, must realize the transformation and upgrading of products, and is still hovering in the field of mid-range enterprises to high-end evolution, through the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise in the field of high-end products to further improve, make the products more advanced. At the same time, the shape of a batch of global influence brand is an important factor of export to high-end.”

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