The fastest and fastest of the central European countries: eight cars, the same with the European fast train

On the 8th, China railway corporation held a ceremony in the city of chengdu, chongqing, zhengzhou and other cities. Central European trains from chengdu rong fast iron reached the finishing line first, only spent less than 11 days full of carriage of goods to 41 lodz, Poland, central European trains running time than other cities about four days.

In all of the central European countries, why is the fast speed of the European fast train running the shortest? What are the opportunities that lie behind the fastest? Yesterday, reporters contacted the authorities to uncover the secrets behind “the fastest”.

The fastest train in central Europe

It’s only a few days slower than air freight

The operating costs are only a fifth of the cost of air travel

“The first class is from chengdu, sichuan province!” Poland local time on June 20th, medium wave between the two countries in Warsaw railway container freight station jointly held a grand central trains connect car ceremony, Poland national railway very excitedly to the chairman of the board of directors of the company announced the news.

June 8, China railway company in chengdu, chongqing, zhengzhou, wuhan, changsha, suzhou, dongguan and yiwu eight to a unified brand central trains start ceremony at the same time. The X8104 ceibs, set off from chengdu, arrived in rhodes, Poland, on June 18. After a stint in rhodes, Poland, he arrived in Warsaw, Poland’s capital, on June 20. It was the first Chinese train to arrive in Warsaw and was the first to arrive at the end of the Chinese central Europe line.

“The chengdu flight time is 11 days, the shortest run time in all the ceibs, and the other ceibs are about 15 days.” In chengdu international railway trains, kit co., LTD., vice President, rong’s fast iron first arrived, again with the fact that shows the world amazing speed “, “” chengdu, chengdu also reflected the unique geographical advantage.

In fact, it has always been the fastest and most stable class. On April 26, 2013, rong’s quick iron officially opens, starting from the chengdu QingBaiJiang container terminal, the lanzhou to xinjiang ala shan kou exit, via kazakhstan station arrived in lodz, Poland, Russia and other countries, line (9826 km). At the beginning of the operation, paste the fast running time is 14 days, and then repeated speed, running time reduced to less than 11 days now, has always been a central European trains running time shortest.

Today, chengdu export goods arrived in lodz, Poland rong’s quick iron on stand, can be in 1-3 days through the European railway or highway network distribution to any place in Europe. Such rapid transit time is only a few days slower than air travel, and its operating costs are only about a fifth of the cost of air travel.

On June 8, the china-europe railway line was set off from chengdu.

Extremely fast cargo clearance

Priority protection is only a few minutes from receipt to verification

Yesterday afternoon, when it comes to paste the quick iron first arrived at the terminal, the chengdu customs QingBaiJiang office regulation department officer Yang jie excited and proud, he and his colleagues work overtime to let the goods on the first trains, witnessed the rong’s quick iron again raise its global influence.

“We need to make sure that the goods are in priority for the first time, no matter how late they are.” Yang jie, rong’s quick iron run several times faster at the same time, chengdu customs are also accelerated, by optimizing the process each link in “a race against time”, continuously improve customs clearance efficiency, “it is the first safeguard measure, the goods from order to get the fastest in a few minutes. At the same time for 24 hours a day booking customs clearance, to declare the goods on the same day will be able to get the customs clearance on the day.”

“Currently, the rongore-class is encrypted to every day.” Yang jie, told reporters that they work overtime now has become a “normal”, on the one hand is to guarantee the goods customs clearance in time, on the other hand is rong European trains increasing the amount of goods. In the face of the rapid growth of rong the freight trains, chengdu customs a targeted research on import and export goods in advance, and put forward the “classified” in advance “appraisal” in advance and facilitation measures such as tax “summary”, and has set up a cargo customs clearance quickly handle work, effectively shortens the time of cargo customs clearance and help enterprises to further reduce the comprehensive logistics cost.

The relevant person in charge of the customs office in chengdu also told reporters that at present the chengdu customs QingBaiJiang office has a special group, to carry out the research of railway transportation, from rong the fast rail operation mode, operation mechanism, construction and other central European trains advantages and disadvantages of comparative aspects of conducting research, targeted Suggestions and opinions, and ultimately form a research report.

Chengdu customs is a microcosm of the “chengdu speed” of the “chengdu speed”. Rong’s fast to reach the terminus, the first iron cannot leave “, geographical and human conditions “three factors -” timing “is the most stable, run trains run time optimization; “Geographical location” is the unique competitive advantage of chengdu. “People and” is the priority guarantee, comprehensive support and positive cooperation between governments at all levels and relevant departments.

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