The import of meat from the central European countries is the normal transport of meat

On May 7, 26.2 tons of imported pork were taken by the central European class to the chengdu international railway port in qingbaijiang district of chengdu. The trains the whole process adopts the reefer container transport, from the Dutch tilburg, belarus, Russia, kazakhstan, arrived in chengdu, after ala shan kou entry for 16 days. The key breakthrough in the transit through customs clearance marks the fact that the inland ports import Eurasian agricultural products through railway transportation to achieve mass normalization.

This is the second time that chengdu international railway port has imported European high-quality meat products through international railway transportation. Last year, chengdu international railway port through two ways for trains and transportation in central Europe imported meat business, become the country’s first international railway transportation way directly imported meat cities in Europe. However, the import of meat from the chengdu railway port has been unable to achieve normal operation due to the failure of eu agricultural products to pass through Russia for a long time. Through consultations with various departments in Russia, belarus and other countries, the transit issue of the transit food in China and Europe was finally resolved.

According to the personage inside course of study, by importing meat products in Europe, central Europe trains transport time than by sea can save 45 days or so, shipping costs by sea rather than air to save about 10000 yuan per ton, greatly reduces the enterprise logistics cost.

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