The shenzhen property expo helped One Belt And One Road, and the Estonian group came in!

The 12th shenzhen international logistics and transportation expo will be on October 12, 2017-14, held in shenzhen convention and exhibition center, as the highest degree of internationalization in the domestic same type show a big event, shenzhen item exposition has become an important platform of international logistics enterprises to develop the Chinese market, there has been a lot of appeal for international enterprises, shenzhen content fair attracted again this year a national pavilion, Estonia 11 incoming quality logistics enterprises will be organized!

Estonia brief

Estonia and Latvia and Lithuania are known as the Baltic states. The total area of the country is 45339 square kilometers, the main ethnic group is Estonian ethnic group, the total population 1313,000 (2015), Estonia is a developed capitalist country. Due to its rapid growth of economy, information technology developed, Estonia is often referred to as “the Baltic tiger”, the world bank will Estonia as high-income countries. Estonia is also the most air-quality and comfortable country in the world, and the capital, tallinn, is known as the “sanctuary of the lungs”.

The beautiful scenery of Estonia

Transport hub port tallinn

Estonian culture and customs

Estonia and One Belt And One Road

China’s “One Belt And One Road” initiative offers more opportunities for expanding bilateral or multilateral practical cooperation. Estonia expressed good will and interest in participating in the One Belt And One Road. Estonia lies on the east coast of the Baltic sea, the south bank of the gulf of Finland, and the southwest of Riga bay, which borders Latvia and Russia to the south and to the east. With excellent geographical location and relatively perfect transportation network, Estonia in Europe, occupies an important position in the transit, in the construction of “area” strategy of our country plays an important role.

An overview of Estonia

The exposition of Estonia in shenzhen pavilion is composed of 11 high quality enterprise, include ports, airports, logistics and transportation, and industry associations, and other enterprises, list as follows:

1. CF&S Estonia

2. Post11

3. Port of Sillamae

4. Transiidikeskuse AS

5. Ida-virumaa county Airport

6. The Port of ida-virumaa county

7. EVR Cargo

8. Narva Logistics

9. Freselle Logistics

10. Boomerang Distribution

The Estonian Logistics and Transit Association


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