Is the fruit ready for mature logistics?

Recently, cherry, litchi, a large number of seasonal fruits such as grapes, fresh start electric business logistics cheerfully to the friends of farmers produce packaged into the hands of Courier companies, by air, land transportation, and other forms of transport shipped across the country.

China post express logistics actively create “extreme fresh” service platform, the integration of independent aviation network, high-quality civil aviation routes, main cold chain lines, YunCang dating service of high quality resources, such as power across the high-quality agricultural product sales across the country; Yuantong cold has formed a professional cold chain operation team, design efficient and cold-chain packaging, make cold chain intelligence system, establish the standardization of cold-chain distribution process, realize the whole temperature traceability; Novice network to its origin warehouse as the main characteristics, and through the digital application integration of social logistics, including the main service for the fresh electricity, pretreating, professional storage validity, quality control, management, cold chain one-stop packaging, regional distribution, city distribution, cold chain logistics services.

China’s cold chain logistics industry will continue to grow rapidly in the future, with a market size of 470 billion yuan over the next three to five years, according to the agency. At the same time, China is the world’s largest producer and consumer of cold chain food, with about 400m tonnes of fresh produce entering circulation every year. However, the development of cold chain logistics in China encounters the bottleneck, the market is lack of hardware and industry status quo of “less, the respect such as disorderly and low”, always endure “pain points” of the industry. How to break the industry’s straitjackets and eliminate the pain points in the industry is a problem for every express company.

By 2015, though, refrigerator car ownership has been increased to 90000 vehicles in China, the refrigerator’s ascension to 37.1 million tons, but compared with developed countries such as Europe and the United States, the gap is obvious. There are 14m tonnes of French cold storage, similar to that of sichuan province. China’s refrigerated vehicles account for just 0.3% of total car ownership in the country, compared with 2% in Japan. In addition, the present situation of China’s current cold chain industry is “little, disorderly and low”, refers to the management main body is small, less number of large enterprises, refrigerated vehicles less, and call for individual vehicles; The disorder refers to the disorderly conduct of the market, the undisciplined competition, the closed operation of the war, the absence of the credit system and the existence of “swindling”. Low is the use of refrigerated storage, low rate of return of cold chain, low circulation rate of combined cold chain.

In fact, the biggest core value of cold chain logistics is “fresh and direct supply of origin”. For electricity and the present stage of cold chain logistics business the biggest restriction is the “country of origin” and “fresh”, means that the point of origin of origin is in rural areas or in remote areas, and fresh means fast delivery within the stipulated time. As a matter of fact, due to the refrigeration technology is not high, high cost requirements, time efficiency is difficult to guarantee the problem such as “origin” of the fruits electricity sales difficult to “fresh”.

In Europe and the United States, and other developed countries, cold-chain logistics profit margin is only 3% ~ 3%, but by the operation mode of the science and data analysis, operating costs, especially in the three aspects of people, vehicles, equipment utilization rate is very high, which greatly reduces the cost, and express company in China are still using the traditional mode of operation, even in large, but the efficiency is low. In addition, many foreign trade companies and standardization of cold chain logistics enterprise is in the same area, so are the benefits of scale, intensive, less time consumption, improve distribution efficiency, refrigerator and cold storage resources can be Shared at any time, and we, on the other hand, cold chain logistics to find customer resources, customer can’t find the cold-chain logistics resources, even if found, requirements, and services can’t match.

According to relevant data show that since 2013, our country fresh dealer market scale expanding, the market turnover in 2016 reached 90 billion yuan, is expected in 2017 rose to 150 billion yuan, the data that the fresh electric dealer market good prospects for development. In this trend, the Chinese express enterprise fresh and cold chain business also continues to be strong. The relevant person in charge of jingdong logistics said: “they will gradually build jingdong third piece of cold-chain logistics network, in terms of construction of cold chain logistics, will build a large number of standardized refrigerator, innovating new distribution mode.” At present, in the industry (still exist, but market demand has already come, express enterprise should not only upgrade the distribution pattern, but comprehensive optimization of cold chain logistics chain, better guarantee the quality of fresh products, in the true sense of the whole cold chain.

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