The liaoning government and China merchants group co., LTD. Jointly set up a platform for the unification of the liaoning port

Dalian port (002602), port of yinkou (600317, shares) (600317), jinzhou port (600190, shares) on June 13, (600190) late notice at the same time, on June 10, the liaoning province government and China merchants group signed the port cooperation framework agreement, the two sides will work together to create a unified management platform of liaoning ports. The shares were suspended on June 13 and will be rebranded on June 13.

According to the framework agreement, the two sides will to dalian port group co., LTD., port of yinkou group co., LTD., to market-oriented way to set up the port group in liaoning, integrates liaoning coastal port operators; We will strive to complete the establishment of the liaoning port group by the end of 2017 and the reform of the ownership of the mix by the end of 2018, and by the end of 2018, we will complete the integration of the other ports in the province.

Under the framework agreement, the business administration group will dominate the management of the enterprises under the liaoning port group. China merchants group will take full advantage of the business model design, business restructuring, capital operation, etc, the resources and advantages, promote the liaoning port group to reduce the port business restructuring and structure optimization adjustment, improve the port cooperation development, comprehensive international competitiveness, and with liaoning port group as the core enterprise, promoting the development of shipping center and related industry.

The three companies said, according to the framework agreement, the matter may involve the company controlling shareholder into port group in liaoning, on this basis, the company the first big shareholders and actual controllers are likely to change; At the same time may involve company is integrated into the scope of liaoning coastal port operators to integration, whether to be integrated, integration time and integration of uncertainty.

In the context of the “One Belt And One Road” initiative and the economic belt strategy of the Yangtze river, the main regional ports are embracing the tide of consolidation. The provincial port integration platform was established in jiangsu and zhejiang provinces. The main ports listed in liaoning are jinzhou port, dalian port and yingkou port. As the integration progresses, the industry leader will clearly benefit.

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