Amazon brand new rules! The vendors who don’t understand hurry in!

One, amazon’s Brand Registry, three thorny issues

Problem 1: the trademark needs to be Registered to apply for the Amazon brand protection.

In accordance with the provisions of the adjustment before the trademark can submit brand protection as long as it is to get a receipt from the application to submit to the Amazon brand protection time is about in a week or so. However, if wait until after the success to apply for the amazon Brand trademark registration for the record (Brand Registry), submitted to the trademark of the seller may have to wait at least eight months.

The trademark has to be typed (Text or Characteristic), not graphic type (Drawing or Figurative).

See this problem, we have a bit of a mystery, because any country trademark, mostly with Logo design, individual character trademark registration is very little. We can’t really see what the meaning of the type of a trademark must be. Brand applications at the same time, we can also see Amazon page allows you to provide the brand Logo design, so this Amazon itself seems to be a little fuzzy, hope this policy can change in the near future or instructions.

Screenshots of the Amazon brand filing page

Amazon requires a screenshot of a text logo

Tricky question 3: the amazon Brand of successful registration for the record before (Brand Registry) of the seller, if do not conform to the new Brand for the record, also may be disqualified from Brand sellers.

The other notable issues of the Brand Registry policy

In addition to these issues, Amazon has made a series of new specifications and refinements for brand protection, including:

Latest specification 1: old Amazon brand registration policy to accept almost any nation in the world brand trademark application for the record, and the new policies will only accept the Amazon market in the country or region registered trademark, it includes: the United States, Canada, Mexico, Britain, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, the European Union, Japan and India.

The latest specification 2: the old amazon Brand filing Brand Registry system allows only one seller to register a Brand. However, Amazon’s latest Brand registration policy encourages a seller to register more trademarks (for example, more than 10).

Latest specification 3: old Amazon Brand registration Brand Registry system, only ask you to provide your own website, Amazon Brand new for the record system, however, requires you to provide your site at the same time, provide their own social networking site home page, for example, Facebook, Twitter, sets, etc.

The latest specification 4: old amazon Brand registration Brand Registry system, does not require you to provide the Brand at the front desk display form, and the new Brand for the record system allows you to provide a more show form.

Latest specification 5: old amazon Brand registration Brand Registry system, don’t need you to provide much Brand story, and the new filing system to put your Brand story turned into a mandatory.

Third, apply for the proposal of the new amazon brand

For the latest issue of the brand filed under the above mentioned brand, the Suggestions are as follows:

Tip 1: registered trademarks in the UK or eu. If you submit a trademark application, it is recommended that you consider “time in the region”. As it turns out, even if you have a trademark in the United States, Amazon has a very slow and negative attitude toward dealing with sales and brand infringement. The registration process also takes between 8 and 12 months, and the registration process is stricter, so the registration of an American trademark doesn’t make much sense to the seller. Suggest you consider choose registered in the UK or the eu, because the two regions to obtain the certificate in about 6 to 8 months of time, review than in the United States also loose a lot of trademarks.

Tip 2: if Amazon must have a word logo, remember that when you sign a trademark, it is best to consider only the words and not the logo. But, again, Amazon’s policy is a bit of a mystery, so hopefully Amazon will be able to change it or explain it in the near future.

Proposal 3: preparation with a few pictures of trademark, this includes: screen printing or listing to apply for a brand on the products registered trademarks, product packaging can reflect the trademark.

Suggestion 4: do your own website carefully and create a social platform company page. These social platforms include:


Sets a




Suggest 5: be sure to tell your brand story, note that this is not, nor factory introduction, do you want your own brand speak a little bit cool here, writing points include:

The brand is registered in which country or region

How many people there are

How does the design and development of the product differ from the others

The customer base is there

What is the value for Amazon buyers

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