The “central Europe line” is a pioneer of the “One Belt And One Road”

      On May 23, the national development and reform commission, ministry of transport, China railway total jointly issued by the “much starker choices-and graver consequences-in railway container multimodal transport development plan” (hereinafter referred to as “the plan”). “Planning” predicts 2020, the Chinese container to railway freight volume by about 20%, among them, the hot metal container traffic grew by an average of more than 10%, in central Europe trains running around 5000 columns. The total of 1702 columns of the china-europe railway in 2016 was 2027.5% higher than in 2013 (the full year of the CDB 80), according to the China railway statistics. In the first quarter of 2017, China and Europe set up 593 lines, up 175% year on year. The return journey was 198 columns, up 187% year on year.

     In the import and export logistics pattern, china-eu trains or the new forces, according to data unearthed by the ministry of communications in 2016, more than ninety percent of the current foreign trade transport of goods by sea still complete, but central trains a drastic growth.

      A number of international logistics companies and central Europe trains people to gain new reporters that customer approval of central Europe trains recognition and gradually increase, the market share of trains will be the more to the more. Especially in Russia and central Europe, where there is no port, the aviation infrastructure is not developed, and the demand for railway transportation is very significant. As the “One Belt And One Road” strategy continues to advance, economic and trade ties between China and the countries along the One Belt And One Road have become more frequent. In the globalization of economy and the increasing demand of asia-europe trade, the baniel is born. As of April 15, 2017, eu trains has accumulated operation 3682 columns, across thousands of kilometres, has opened up a new channel china-eu economic and trade, rich new map perfected the china-eu economic and trade cooperation. In the “One Belt And One Road” this great cause, not only the central trains, there are more exciting, along the path to prosperity is paved under the countries to work together.


     Two thousand years ago in western han dynasty great Portland zhangqian, peoples who created the famous silk road, will spread to the western regions, the central plains civilization from various states into blood horse, grape, alfalfa, pomegranate, wait til species to the central plains, promoted the communication between eastern and western civilizations. But in today’s world is undergoing complicated and profound changes, the international financial crisis appeared deep influence continue, slow recovery of the world economy, development, differentiation, the international investment trade patterns and multilateral trade rules brewing deep adjustment, countries are faced with the development context of the problem is still grim, xi general secretary put forward the historic “area” strategy. Comply with the world multi-polarization and economic globalization, cultural diversity, the tide of social informatization, reveals the human society common ideal and a pursuit, add new positive energy for the world peace and development.

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