“One Belt And One Road” has become the largest destination for Chinese outbound tourism

The country on One Belt And One Road is not just about companies and civil engineering, but also about Chinese tourists and huge consumption. One Belt And One Road will be the largest destination for Chinese tourists overseas.

Ctrip travel has released the first index of outbound travel all the way “area” : according to national statistics, to the “area” is expected in 2017 China outbound passengers will be more than 25 million. And the national tourism administration, is expected to “much starker choices-and graver consequences-in” period, China will be “neighbourhood” all the way along the national transport 150 million tourists and tourism consumption of more than $200 billion.

Ctrip travel also released “the area along the national ranking”, China top 10 countries with the most tourists to: Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Russia, Cambodia, Philippines and the united Arab emirates, the maldives.

“According to this year’s data, in the top 10 countries, China has become Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, Russia, Cambodia, the maldives seven largest tourism, inbound tourists in these countries have made great contribution to the development of tourism economy.” Ctrip international tourism expert said.

“China to travel to Thailand last year reached 8.77 million, more than 10% growth, accounting for 27% of the Thai inbound tourists all the year round; Vietnam last year attracted more than 2.7 million Chinese tourists, jumped into the ‘neighbourhood’ all the way on the second big popular destinations, rose more than 50%; to the maldives over 300000 visitors a year in China, almost more than the population. In addition, some emerging destinations are growing rapidly, ctrip travel, according to the order in Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Israel, Egypt, Poland and other countries lines of tourists increase more than 100%.” CMO shi is the travel department of ctrip.

Ctrip travel according to join the swimming team, outbound tourism, such as the number of orders, Shanghai, Beijing, hangzhou, guangzhou, chengdu, shenzhen, tianjin, xian, wuhan, nanjing, become the main force of “area” tourism, “blood transfusion” all the way up to neighbourhood.

With the relaxation of visa policies, most Chinese tourists go to the “One Belt And One Road”, which means they can walk away. , according to ctrip travel is covered in the “area” of more than 60 countries, more than 20 countries have signed for China to achieve the visa and landing, there are nearly 10 countries issued a conditional visa-free, electronic visa and other preferential policies, including the end of 2016, the united Arab emirates announced that China adopted a policy of signing free landing, Serbia on January 1, 2017 formally visa-free, with China began in February, Chinese citizens can visa-free in belarus, etc., this is great for Chinese people to travel to these countries to stimulate.

Ctrip travel director Hu Wenyu tafiti product introduction, such as visa to simplify all the good news, the united Arab emirates, Egypt, Israel, Iran, the Middle East and Africa destinations, more and more get the favour of Chinese tourists: “I’m almost to the destination inspection once every six months. In Egypt, spurt of growth was registered in Chinese tourists in the past two years, the cooperation with us is the biggest local tour group, their boss now assemble the main service in China market, busy with training in Chinese as a tour guide. Many local speaks Chinese college students to take an examination, listening to Egypt colleagues recently most talked about is how to learn Chinese, local lots of Korean, Japanese guides are turned to learn Chinese.”

The country’s northwest destinations quickly became popular

Way cattle travel network monitoring data show that under the “area” initiative, domestic xinjiang, shaanxi, qinghai, yunnan, Tibet tourism destinations such as heat continue to rise, zhejiang, guangdong, hainan, yunnan, fujian, become a tourist hotels “TOP5 destination, xinjiang, qinghai, gansu, yunnan, Inner Mongolia become the fastest growing, most potential tourism heat five popular destinations. In the direction of departure, the number of annual visits to the countries of south and South Asia, west Asia, north Africa and central and eastern Europe has increased by more than 100 percent in the past two years. Thailand, Indonesia, maldives, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines, Russia, the united Arab emirates, Cambodia as “area” ten big popular destinations, maldives, dubai and deeply user welcome, emerging destinations such as Sri Lanka heat rising steadily.

According to the survey data, the main destinations for One Belt And One Road in China are mainly from guangdong, Shanghai, jiangsu, Beijing and zhejiang. From travel crowd’s age distribution, after 80, after 90 the proportion of population is gradually improved, more and more young people to “one thousand years of trade routes” is full of curiosity and desire to explore.

Way cattle correlation analysis thinks, tourists increased to promote the communication and fusion of each part of the communication and culture, and bring to the local economic growth and prosperity, also more chance to go out to local residents. All the way from “area” along the areas of consumer trend of travel, xinjiang, gansu, qinghai, yunnan, guangxi and other places to travel people continues to grow, become a node along the “area” TOP5 city growth, more and more local residents go out in the “area” initiative under the dividend “to see the world”.

Just the way cattle products sales, “One Belt And One Road” consulting related tourism products and bookings climbed steadily in recent years, xinjiang’s largest tourist hotels “growth, tourist arrivals in 2016 increased by 689% compared with 2015.

It is believed that most of the above cities are concentrated in the northwest, and the northwest is also the golden section of the “silk road”. Previously, due to the western tourist city regional environment and economic development limited, many visitors to understand the local tourism resources is not enough, compared with the popular tourist city, northwest of the visitors to few and far between. In recent years, as the country’s support vigorously, the “area” initiative infrastructure around the unicom improved the accessibility of tourism, combined with the western region traffic conditions improved, contributed to the major tourist passengers into the Midwest in the east.

Vietnam, the united Arab emirates, Italy and Egypt were the fastest growing

Recently, where network based on the ticket, holiday lines, hotels, visa, wi-fi, such as local play full travel data analysis, found that Vietnam, the united Arab emirates, Italy, Egypt into destination heat up the fastest.

Where, according to data from the network “One Belt And One Road” initiative, along with visa good, direct and air routes to increase, the original of the Middle East, west Asia, north Africa, and other small, less popular destination, is more and more Chinese tourists to open the door. The honeymoon, the graduation trip, the white collar holiday, the family tour, the friends, the Chinese New Year red tourists walk the steps of the “One Belt And One Road”.

According to qunar, the uae’s tourist heat has risen by 132% in more than three years. The tourist heat in Turkey has risen by 106% and Egypt’s heat has risen by 145%. In Kenya, which was only seen on TV, the popularity of travel has risen by 66%. See a mosque, a hot air balloon, a pyramid at a sunset in giza heights, a search for a wreck in zakynthos, a beautiful experience.

Qunar data show that since the One Belt And One Road strategy, the number of Chinese people in southeast Asia has grown at a rate of 1.37 times. Among them, the domestic fly to Hanoi, Vietnam, the Philippines in Manila, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, passenger average annual growth rate in more than 1 times, each year the number of americans fly to Kuala Lumpur increase at a speed of 1.85 times. Tourism has also become a leading industry of cross-border investment in China, contributing to mutual benefit.

Turkey, also known as One Belt And One Road, is a beneficiary of the “One Belt And One Road”. Istanbul’s flight temperature index reached 157.67%. Long stretches of the bosporus, the sparkling golden horn, solemn majesty topkapi palace, the majestic blue mosque and wonderful artical excelling nature of saint Sofia church, borrow “area” dongfeng to attract more Chinese tourists.

The One Belt And One Road initiative not only brings China’s resources to the world, but also creates opportunities for the development of cities along the country’s routes. The number of inbound and outbound arrivals from the western airport has been significant, according to qunar. The annual growth index of the lanzhou region, which has been set to fly overseas, is at 97.28%, the equivalent of nearly a doubling of the number of outbound departures per year. Xi ‘an and urumqi ranked second and third, 62.48 per cent and 46.54 per cent respectively. Guangzhou, a first-tier city, has a large base of travel and is growing at 37.99 percent a year.

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