How can sellers minimise amazon’s entry

Many customers have recently received a response: amazon has been slow to enter the market, leaving sellers with unnecessary hassle and loss.

According to many years rich experience in the amazon first leg, combed the some solutions about amazon warehousing can shorten aging, hoping to bring better experience to the seller.

Plan 1: please confirm the route arrangement with your forwarder before shipment. If you’re paying for CONSOL, you can’t expect to get a personalized logistics service.

Plan 2: before shipment, please check with your forwarders whether your goods are legally in compliance with the customs clearance in foreign countries.

Solution 3: before shipment, please check your declared value is reasonable, in recent years the overseas customs inspection strictly, pay less tariffs may pay the inspection fees and the inspection delay caused by problems;

Plan 4: when preparing goods, please give yourself some leeway, don’t put all the goods on one logistics line.

Plan 5: please care about your goods as if you care about your shop, leave it to the professional, and make yourself professional.

Plan 6: listen to his advice and advice if you find the amazon route. If you just want to negotiate with the shippers for the lowest price in the market, it’s bound to limit the amount of time and capital you spend to make better products and services.

Plan 7: please use your own tax number and importers to import the goods.

Plan 8: do the best preparation and prepare for the worst. Sometimes, it’s not your age, it’s your goods that sell too fast.

Plan 9: if you really need to customize the service, please communicate with your forwarders. Fall in love with your shippers and work together to develop better logistics solutions.

Solution 10: the cliche is no longer just looking for a low price, which is a land mine for your future. The cost of the goods is similar. If the price is exceptionally low, if it is not supported by the quantity of goods, then it is necessary to choose the longest and longest route to arrange the goods.

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