New airline policy in June, the shippers will look!

According to the China Eastern airlines freight station, according to the prescribed requirements related to civil aviation administration of China public security bureau, the original style of the air cargo security declaration to adjust, and added the air mail security declaration. The above list will be officially opened on June 10, 2017, and the old version will be immediately cancelled. In the same period, each unit shall ensure that the mail is delivered before delivery, and the packet or air express package does not exceed 30KG.

List of new air cargo security declaration “and” air mail security declaration sheet “sample please companies to eastern logistics co., LTD. Website related to download in the announcement on cargo, remember to update!

This is the website of the eastern shipping logistics website

A new version of the air cargo security check list

China southern airlines opened its first direct flight to Melbourne in June

China southern airlines on June 1, 2017 will be direct to Melbourne in shenzhen air routes, this is the first Melbourne routes originating in shenzhen, is the shenzhen direct flight to Sydney after the second direct to Australia. Flights will set sail on June 1, 2017, of the first class flight schedules for go flight number for CZ3073, flight schedules for 19:05 06:20 + 1, local time, the return flight number for CZ3074, flight schedules for 08:00 – and local time. The aircraft is an airbus a330-300 aircraft, which opens three shifts a week.

Flight number

The departure time arrives at the time machine



Shenzhen – Melbourne 19:05 06:20 + 1 A333


CZ3074 Melbourne – shenzhen 8:00 15:35 D257

Harbor the first direct north American airlines flight

Expand the circle of friends to challenge cathay

Hong Kong’s second largest aviation company Hong Kong airlines announced on June 30 daily direct flights from Hong Kong to vancouver, Canada, the Hong Kong air to enter the north American market have become the first destination.

Hong Kong airlines, which already covers more than 30 major destinations in the asia-pacific region, is already interested in moving away from regional carriers and into the remote intercontinental market. After opening routes in Australia and New Zealand, it began targeting North America.

The choice from vancouver to open first stop in North America, on the one hand, because of its more closely linked with Hong Kong, on the other hand also and the Hong Kong air remote fleet are equipped with the airbus A330 voyage decision. And the second half of the year Hong Kong airlines will receive range longer new long-range wide-body A350-900, this will be launched for planning in the west coasts of waypoint solves the bottleneck capacity.

Singapore airlines opened the second

Flying to Scandinavia

Singapore airlines opened its second route to Scandinavian cities on May 30. The flight was sent to Stockholm from Singapore’s changi airport, which runs from Moscow to flight number SQ362 every Friday. The will with existing in Copenhagen, Denmark sia routes to supplement each other, and jointly promote the connection between the southeast Asia and northern Europe, at the same time to satisfy the increasing of a round trip between the southwest Pacific Ocean and the Nordic travel demand.

The new route is headed by the newest passenger jet, the airbus a350-900. First flight in Singapore local time (Tuesday) on May 30 0 33 fly from Singapore’s changi airport in the morning, local time, in Sweden (Tuesday) morning at 8 on May 30 and 59 minutes arrived in Stockholm aranda airport. The launch of the new flight marks the beginning of a direct flight between Sweden and Singapore.

The national air plan was launched in June

A weekly global freight service

National Airlines and Navitrans USA have announced plans to launch a weekly global freight service on June 1, 2017 using b747-400f. New routes is a global freight hub for the marathon, in the international airport (word), hale, airport (LGG), Heydar Aliyev (GYD) international airport, Hong Kong international airport (HKG), narita international airport (NRT), ted Stevens anchorage international airport (ANC), and then return to the word.

The new route will be two flights a week between the United States and China, provided by Navitrans USA. NASA headquarters is located in Orlando, Florida, and often flew from the United States and Europe to the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Australia, and north and South America.

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