The story of the pain of the freight agent

          If one day your company account suddenly freezes the money, you may not know what happened. Suggest we are experienced such things: engaged in international shipping for many years, Mr Zhang of 06 years out business, the company is not big, a few people, but the performance is good, because the United States has a stronger agent, give him the FOB shipping goods all operation, over the past few years are peaceful, but recently the court to freeze the mysterious company account, afterwards just know, ocean bills of lading issued by his generation in the United States are agent for shipment release without collection bill of lading, the bill of lading issued by the owner with a bill of lading to court people put forward the compensation claim, so the court to seal his money for the account.

         Mr Huang 18 years engaged in international freight forwarding, one thing is he the most impressive, there is A client he undertake export factory, because the factory have no import and export rights, is through A rebate import and export companies to handle import and export documents, so the Marine bill of lading the shipper is according to the import and export company, legally electric put the bill of lading should be done by the import and export company, because of the bill of lading the shipper is A, but has always been the factory to do this action, one day, suddenly to Mr Huang to goods import and export company with A bill of lading, said factory owned company A lot of money, and the bill of lading at destination agent for the shipment release without collection bill of lading to put out, the original factory customer itself is Mr Huang’s overseas agent, so the relationship between the factory and the agent can imagine. For Mr Huang, an oversight was a problem.

Miss Yang engaged in international freight forwarding for 20 years, mainly to do international air freight, once met such a guest, the goods are to go to Africa, guest credit is very good, basic it is to give cash, suddenly one day, the guest said had had for so long time, why don’t we settlement instead of weeks knot, so everybody is convenient, weeks after the knot guest is still on time payment, after three months later, on one occasion, the guests suddenly out of a lot of air cargo, sea transportation as well as a cabinet, the guest has come up with a very reasonable request, said first not to air freight, ocean bills of lading and the first, took the Marine bill of lading with the air freight to the qing dynasty. And so, as a result, the sea is a cabinet to put half a year no, bill of lading has been on my hand, and the guests but I can’t find it, open the cabinet, the final destination is empty, it is hard to imagine!

There are many things we can’t control, but there are a lot of things can be through the process and specification to avoid no fluke mind, adhere to the principle, the business is business, not with too many private feelings, tell the difference between a business and emotion, one to one, two or two, perhaps to minimize risk, or bad people are everywhere, really. Of course, I believe that the people I know are good people…

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