Announcement on the import of the unified information system enterprise for cross-border e-commerce import

To promote the development of the cross-border e-commerce, provide convenient customs clearance service, cross-border e-commerce will now import unified version information system (hereinafter referred to as the “import unified system”) enterprises access to relevant matters announcement is as follows:

A free import unified system list entry function. The electronic commerce enterprise or its agent may log in to the import unified system of the system customs clearance service subsystem to make the list of the manual entry, modification, declaration, query and so on. The operation manual of enterprise user of cross-border e-commerce import (see annex 1).

Second, provide the import unified version system client software for free. Enterprises engaged in cross-border e-commerce business can download and install themselves in the Chinese e-port portal bulletin board. Importation system of unified version of the client software supports listing, pay list, orders, waybill, etc documents by EXCEL format file automatically adds the digital signature after converted into a standard message, also support XML format file automatically adds the digital signature, at the same time, provide data and go through the query function. The client software USES the manual for the application of cross-border e-commerce import unified information system client software (see appendix 2).

Third, open import unified system enterprise to dock the standard of newspaper article. Involved in cross-border e-commerce business platform for the enterprise, the third party in accordance with the standard developed or market purchase access services, related authorized open issues, please contact your local customs data information. Relevant message specification and after verification by the customs transfer protocol and access product see the import unified version of cross-border e-commerce enterprise informatization system docking message specification (try out) “(see annex 3).

Enterprises shall be liable for the electronic data that they declare and transmit to the customs. Temporarily only to the list, modify or cancel the application form and return application form list, inventory data using digital signature technology, gradually expanding the scope of the digital signature to use in the future, as shown in table 1.

Enterprise technical requirements of digital signature and password products selection, see the import unified version of cross-border e-commerce information system password products selection and use of the guide (see annex 4), please according to actual business configuration.

Five, the relevant import version of the system of unified enterprise user manuals, client software manual, enterprise docking message standard documents such as attachment, if there are any changes will be released by the China electronic port portal bulletin boards in a timely manner.

The above issue can consult the customs service hotline: 12360.

The content of this announcement shall be executed from the date of promulgate.

I hereby announce that.

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