“One Belt And One Road” workshop of hardware and electronic industry

On June 20th, sponsored by the chengdu rich industrial group co., LTD. “along the silk road rong o. sharing opportunities’ area ‘hardware mechanical and electrical industry association conference” held in chengdu international railway port, hundreds of hardware mechanical and electrical industry from home and abroad gathered in QingBaiJiang, “the higher-ups” remarks “area” initiative under hardware mechanical and electrical industry development opportunities.

We signed a strategic cooperation agreement

“China’s best hardware and electronic international trade platform”

Take all the way “‘ area ‘international cooperation peak BBS” the successful hosting of the east, in order to promote the development of hardware mechanical and electrical industry, chengdu rich industrial group co., LTD., chairman of stina Chen launched “area” hardware mechanical and electrical industry alliance initiative. Once proposed, this initiative has received positive response from the industry and strong support from the local government.

On June 20, the activities of the site, the all China federation of industry and commerce federation hardware mechanical and electronic chamber of commerce, China hardware mechanical and electrical chemical business association, China hardware products association, Shanghai tool industry research institute jointly signed with chengdu international railway port management committee of the “area” hardware mechanical and electrical industry strategic cooperation agreement. To support rich in QingBaiJiang create “China’s best hardware machinery international trade platform”, and with rich group signed the “area” hardware mechanical and electrical industry alliance strategic cooperation agreement.

The One Belt And One Road hardware and electronic industry alliance strategic cooperation agreement has set up a platform of cooperation between the government and the chamber of commerce, fully exerting the advantages of both sides and conducting extensive cooperation. The government provides preferential policy support and high quality, efficient and convenient government services for enterprises to create a favorable development environment for the cooperation between the two sides. Chamber of commerce, actively participate in the planning and development of hardware mechanical and electrical industry, government share advanced experience and advantage resources, building hardware mechanical and electrical industry is an omni-directional, multilevel and wide-range, high levels of new pattern of development, promoting QingBaiJiang hardware and overall development of the market, drive the hardware mechanical and electrical industry rapid development in China.

The multiple advantages of the debit rail port

The qingbaijiang hardware and electromechanical industry has been developing spring

In the context of the “One Belt And One Road” and the qingbaijiang area of the sichuan free trade area, the participants spoke on the theme of the development and innovation of the hardware and electronic industry.

According to the statistics released by the national bureau of statistics, China has become a major producer of hardware products in the world, and has gradually become the world’s largest hardware manufacturer and exporter. According to many industry experts, “One Belt And One Road” will provide a great space for the import and export of hardware and electronic products. Currently, nearly 60 countries have supported the One Belt And One Road countries along with the support of several international organizations, including asean, the European Union and the Arab league. In addition, China has signed the memorandum of cooperation with kazakhstan, Qatar, and many other countries, what is more exciting, “One Belt And One Road” along a batch of major projects, such as railways, highways, ports, power grids, oil and gas pipelines, etc, has been a breakthrough and early harvest. With the “One Belt And One Road” country “doing business”, it has become the consensus of the industry to let more “chengdu” go out.

It is evident that the infrastructure investment in the asia-pacific region alone will reach $8 trillion over the next 10 years, according to the agency. “One Belt And One Road” has brought new opportunities for the overseas export of Chinese hardware and electronic enterprises.

A near water tower comes first

The vast market is more internationally competitive

All the way to promote the hardware mechanical and electrical industry rapidly integrated into the “area” national strategy, realizes the wealthy group and chamber of commerce in national policy analysis, industry development planning, resource integration, talent pool, interconnection, sharing co-prosperity, rich group will be “guan QingBaiJiang distribution market” as a hardware mechanical and electrical industry into the “area” of the national strategic service base, providing free office space and service center, to provide convenient and efficient service for the member.

Guan QingBaiJiang distribution within the large market is located in the free trade area, thus more internationally competitive, especially for inclusion within the free trade area of the hardware mechanical and electrical industry, bring them the benefits and convenience is obvious. In the future, the international hardware and electronic brands will be more convenient to enter China, and the hardware and electronic merchants will become more easily the agent of the international brands. Businesses will also be more convenient of our products are exported to overseas, increase foreign orders, use of association of the foreign cooperation projects and the sea, in the international pavilion more international famous brand hardware mechanical and electrical, expand the overseas market, promote the international brand value. Guan QingBaiJiang distribution market in recent years is to integrate resources and elements of the national brothers market, and through their own practice and explore summed up a set of can draw lessons from the successful experience of the and replication, held the event with the national counterparts to share, in the future will be as the extension of national strategy of “area”, united colleagues from the national market, hardware resources to the mature experience of innovation out of doors, contributions to QingBaiJiang area of this free trade area construction.

The industry’s big coffee

The chairman of the China national industrial and commercial association, the hardware and electronics chamber of commerce, is a member of the national association of hardware and electronics

The chengdu qingbaijiang railway area is an important part of the sichuan free trade zone, which was officially opened on April 1 this year. In this context, China’s hardware and electronics industry has an unprecedented opportunity. Qingbaijiang district as an important bearing “rong o +” strategy, in the international logistics transport voice more and more heavy, which is both qingbaijiang district, chengdu, sichuan province and long-term planning program for many years, carefully planned for a long time, the crystallization of long-term practical work, trade logistics, chengdu railway transport long carried skyer, the result of implementation, in qingbaijiang district, make the best hardware machinery international trade platform in China, it is an unprecedented opportunity for hardware mechanical and electrical industry, especially event.

Chen qinghua, chairman of chengdu wancheng industrial group co., LTD

Hope by industry event, that is actively integrated into the national strategy of “area”, further implement the strategy of “rong o +”, around chengdu international railway port in China (sichuan) free trade area, to accelerate the overall development of QingBaiJiang hardware mechanical and electrical market together to create the opportunity, really let the “made in chengdu” hardware mechanical and electrical occupy the voice in the national and global market.


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