Poland Roots Industrial Park Vice Chairman: China “along the way” to boost the Polish economic development

September 9, the 19th China International Investment and Trade Fair on the second day, the Polish Roots Industrial Park Vice President Agnes Kashi West Gottovich interviewed journalists, she said that Poland actively participated in “all the way”, now is the beneficiaries.
Reporter: Please introduce yourself under the introduction of the Lodz Special Economic Zone.
Agneskka: Although this is the first time I have come to Xiamen, as the delegate of the Lodz Special Economic Zone, I have an important mission and mission. In June this year, President Xi Jinping, with his delegation, visited Poland and signed many agreements during his meeting with President Duda. Following the high-level visits, delegates from the delegation of the Polish delegation to Xiamen, hoping to feel the Chinese market in the field, but also hope to find some potential partners in the future, to attract them to Lodz investment, set up services Office, factory and so on. Or through the Lodz Special Economic Zone, further radiation to the whole of Poland, through the mutual movement between the two countries to strengthen trade and investment.
Poland has 14 special economic zones, and Lodz is one of them. Early, the Lodz Special Economic Zone to the textile industry as the main industry, and now gradually extended to science and technology, innovation, industry and other fields. I would like to attract Chinese companies to dock with companies in Poland and the Lodz Special Economic Zone. In the technology, innovation, industrial results on the conversion, to achieve a satisfactory service-oriented cooperation. In addition, Poland is a member of the European Union, so cooperation with Poland is to enter Western Europe, Eastern European countries and the entire EU market, a channel and cut into the mouth.
Reporter: Please talk about the impression of Xiamen?
Agnesk: Although this time to Xiamen is not long, but I really appreciate the beautiful scenery and cultural atmosphere of Xiamen, feel the Chinese people’s diligence, serious, hard work. At this point, the same is true of Polish compatriots. I think that trade between China and Poland can find a bridge between the two peoples through the common characteristics of the two peoples. In addition to this, the “one by one” strategy proposed by Xi Jinping, Poland actively involved in infrastructure construction, including rail transport, maritime transport, air transport, so the two countries can seek common areas to cooperate. I am very confident about the future business cooperation between the two countries. Xiamen is my first stop in China, impressed, I have a strong confidence.
Reporter: 2016 Poland’s economic development is better, talk about the economy we know there is a “Chinese experience”, that there is no “Polish experience” let us learn the next?
Agneskka: The development of China and Poland in common is open, and constantly improve the reform system. Poland through the scientific and technological, technological progress, coupled with the open and excellent situation, the economic environment to enhance the policy support, technical exchanges, so that the economy has the vitality and achieve a steady state of sustainable development. This is due to the EU’s “science and technology development and collaboration is the two countries the most important” concept.
Reporter: Please talk about the “one way along the way” view, you think “all the way to” what kind of positive to Poland?
Agneskka: Poland is “the way all the way to actively participate in the country, the results are done very well. “Along the way” is inseparable from the infrastructure construction, including maritime transport, air transport, rail transport. Poland is actively involved in the “all the way” strategy building, and has been effective. In the railway construction, Xiamen to Lodz railway line development mature, to achieve a two-way transport of food, clothing, which brought good for Poland. Secondly, the northern port of Gdansenthal in Poland is Poland’s largest harbor, maritime construction is very mature. Finally, Poland and China in the “area along the way” on the frequent exchanges, the Polish air transport construction is also very mature. Poland has been in close contact with neighboring countries, and Poland has become a hub for European transport through railways, maritime transport and air transport. In addition to the European countries, Poland will return to China, the starting point of “one way”. Poland is actively involved in “one way along the way” and has become one of the active participating countries.
Reporter: What are the areas of cooperation with China?
Agneskka: Poland is a big country of agricultural products and textile industry, in addition to the exchange of science and technology, food, clothing, jewelry and other exports to China is also a manifestation of business cooperation between the two countries. In addition, Poland in communications, biomedical research and development, the financial system is also doing very well, and many Chinese enterprises docking.

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