Vice Governor Zhu Hexin Research Chengdu International Railway Port

June 8, “CEIBS unified brand release ceremony” after the end of the vice governor Zhu Hexin, deputy secretary-general of the provincial government Zhao Weiping in the vice mayor Liu Shoucheng, city port and logistics director Chen Zhongwei, party secretary Liu Xiao Liu and other leaders Accompanied by the Chengdu International Railway Port conducted a survey.

Zhu Hexin first line came to the Qingbaijiang industry development exhibition hall, the economic and social development of our district, industrial development and Chengdu international railway port planning for a detailed understanding; then went to the Joint Inspection Hall, the staff details of the Chengdu Customs business and hall functions Set up the situation; relying on the Chengdu railway port, our area in-depth implementation of “Rong Europe +” strategy. Zhu Hexin and his party also car research Chengdu railway port, and is under construction in the bonded logistics center (B type).

At the forum, Liu Shoucheng on behalf of Chengdu, “Rong Europe +” strategy implementation, the international railway port planning and port construction to promote the situation; Liu Xiao Liu on behalf of my district to report on economic and social development and Chengdu international railway port planning and operation of the situation; Chengdu International Railway Banlun company to report the class line, operation and management, market development, overseas cooperation and other work.
Zhu Hexin after listening to the relevant report pointed out: the country vigorously implement the “one side along the way” strategy, Chengdu in-depth implementation of the “Rong Europe +” strategy to speed up the construction of international regional logistics center, the country west to south open port city and open economy , The construction of international railway ports, international classes and other work is carried out in an orderly manner, and achieved initial results. At the same time, he put forward four views on the future construction of Chengdu International Railway Port: First,


Chengdu International Railway Port construction is not their own thing, to consider, standing “to build international regional logistics center, the country west to south open port city and open Economic high ground “height, and ultimately lead to the construction of the entire system of land, sea and air; Second, Chengdu, the adjustment of the entire economic structure, especially in the industrial chain to build on the existence of large space and potential, the railway port construction to this convergence; Fourth, the provincial, municipal and district three to form a synergistic mechanism, go all out, work together, in the railway port construction, the introduction of specialized personnel and other work on the Strengthen collaboration.
District Standing Committee, executive vice mayor Zhou Dejiang to participate in research. Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the Provincial Department of Commerce, the provincial government office, the provincial government logistics office, Chengdu Customs, Sichuan Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau in charge of the person in charge of the forum.

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