Caught off guard! Cross-border electric traders to engage in things?

Into the electrical business outside the door for a long time or just getting started novice sellers, the following is that you?

Said that cross-border electricity business is a few years ago Taobao days cat,
Want to do and do not know how to do it?

No experience no team, how to take the first step?

Product type so much, how can I choose?

Cross-border platform so much, what are the advantages and disadvantages?
Which is the most profitable?

Smell that there are factories into the cross-border advantage,
How can I play advantage?

Just set up the team is not mature, which direction I want to go in the sales can quickly break it?

Can cross-border electric business?

Taobao do 4 crown, go to cross-border all ignorant … …

All kinds of problems, you are the seller on the road to the obstacles. But you are not alone, the entrepreneurs are in the clumps of the sea (for foreigners to move the brick).

In the road of entrepreneurship, the problem every day, if we can know where there is a pit, how others are resolved, where there is resources, where there is a chance, this is not to make us less detours it? And this is the goal of the birth of the gantry.

We are not training, we are to provide a chance to meet like-minded friends, we communicate with each other, support each other, in the way of entrepreneurship, we will never be alone.

Each two heavy guests, to ensure that the experience, talented, material, mind, would like to share, in order to give you a little new ideas and new ideas on the road to entrepreneurship.

Who dare not say that they will win through the secrets of the win, we can only make every effort to keep asking. Treat each other wholeheartedly, the exchange of whether the absolute fight against a person than Kaopu.

As long as you dare to come, we dare to say. Send cross-border gantry, look forward to your participation and progress.

Address: Guangzhou Haizhu District Xijiang West Road Pa Tuo A District
Time: July 1 (Saturday) 14: 00-22: 30

Guest introduction
Li Cong: co-founder of the three-head cross-border electric business alliance, president of the China-France Federation of Shenzhen Branch, in 2012 began to engage in cross-border electricity industry so far, from more SKU to brand operation transformation, fine operation, build quality team.
Guest introduction
Arron: 8 years of foreign trade veterans, well-known domestic companies for many years experience in the development of listed companies. After the career transition, long-term adhere to the Amazon, speed sell and other business platform first line, the platform rules and sales skills have their own unique insights, their own Amazon team, performance from scratch. But also bear the transformation of several factories behind the consultants!

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