Germany confiscated 35 tons of Chinese-made pressure gyro, due to the lack of “CE” certification mark

Foreign media reported on the 25th, the Frankfurt Customs recently confiscated 35 tons from China’s pressure gyro, the background is the recent popularity of the German campus “pinch gyro boom” (pictured).

Allegedly, these confiscated Shihao gyroscope, neither the EU market “CE” certification mark, there is no manufacturer’s name and contact information. Product safety experts warn that some of the pressure gyro has easy to fall off the parts and batteries, likely to cause the child to swallow and injury, so should be more stringent use of age restrictions.

Reported that the pressure gyro suddenly became the favorite of the German children, and some places even appeared out of stock. German toy retailers Association Fischer said that this toy between the health ball, propeller and darts, has become the summer of 2017 Germany’s most popular toys, is a primary and secondary students a “standard.”

He said: “This is for children and toys retail industry, is simply a beautiful fairy tale in the summer.” Many experts are puzzled, after all, compared to the popular moment of intelligent digital toys, pressure gyro entertainment is not high, There is no technical at all.

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