2017 China Yiwu Logistics Industry Fair will be held September 18-20 in Yiwu, Zhejiang Province!

Sponsor: China Department Store Business Association

Sponsor: Weibo Exhibition Service (Yiwu) Co., Ltd

Yiwu Xiangda Exhibition Service Co., Ltd

Exhibition scale: the default international standard booth: 1000

Exhibition area: 20,000 square meters

Exhibition time: September 18-21, 2017

Venue: Zhejiang Yiwu International Expo Center

Expected professional buyers: 30,000 people

“” “Exhibition overview

China Yiwu Logistics Industry Expo is based on China International Electronic Commerce Expo (China’s top ten brand professional exhibition) derivative of the development of professional brand logistics exhibition. The exhibition will rely on Yiwu developed foreign trade and logistics industry base to attract domestic and foreign logistics well-known enterprises exhibitors, focus on displaying the most advanced logistics technology and equipment, is the domestic logistics industry chain corporate image display, new product promotion, trade negotiations preferred platform.

2016 session of Yiwu Logistics Expo attracted more than 300 exhibitors at home and abroad, set up 807 international standard booths, exhibition area of ​​20,000 square meters, the exhibition focused on cross-border logistics and express delivery enterprises, logistics application technology, logistics and transportation vehicles, logistics office supplies , Logistics services enterprises, logistics equipment. Exhibitors from Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Henan, Zhejiang, Fujian, Shandong, Jiangsu, Shenzhen, Sichuan, Hebei 12 provinces and cities, including SF Express, Debon Logistics, Shenzhen delivery Quartet, Fisher logistics, Supply chain, fast supply network, sea constant blue, poly Xin technology, Shenzhen giant soft, China National Heavy Duty Truck, Futian, Jiangling, modern, Anhui fork, Jiangsu wheat high, Jiangsu Wei speed, Jiangsu Li library, brother packaging machinery Business exhibitors. Three days turnover of 236 million yuan, to the professional buyers 11532 people, online exhibition visits 229562 people. Part of the self-built business platform express delivery company Suning logistics, Jingdong Express, the United States on-line, No. 1 shop also have to send staff procurement.

2017 China Yiwu Logistics Industry Expo will be the theme of “regional joint, industry linkage, special development, complementary win-win” as the theme, the exhibition will set up logistics city exhibition, logistics service enterprise exhibition, cross-border logistics exhibition, logistics equipment exhibition, logistics and transportation vehicle exhibition , Logistics office supplies exhibition area is expected to be professional buyers 30000 people, the exhibition will also be held over the same period, “China’s cross-border logistics development forum” and other activities, and invited well-known domestic media to promote the report.

“” “Exhibits:

(1) Logistics Express Enterprise Pavilion: electric courier logistics, port logistics, aviation logistics, dangerous goods / safety logistics, emergency logistics enterprises
(2) Logistics Application Technology Pavilion: internal logistics system and software, logistics computer management system, logistics integration, logistics software and solutions, RFID, automatic identification, Internet of things, logistics and transportation solutions
(3) logistics service enterprise exhibition: logistics platform, logistics park, logistics real estate, logistics finance, logistics services and outsourcing, logistics and education;
(4) Logistics Equipment Pavilion: Material Handling Technology / Warehousing Technology and Logistics System: Integrated Conveyor System, Logistics Turnkey System, Integrated Supply Chain Management System, Unmanned Automated Material Handling System
(5) Mechanical handling equipment and accessories: forklifts and accessories, cranes and accessories, lifting platforms / elevators and accessories, automated unmanned handling equipment, transport vehicles, conveyor systems, rack access equipment, manual pallet, drive technology components (hydraulic , Pneumatic)
(6) warehousing and workshop logistics equipment: storage systems, shelving systems, factory / workshop equipment, trays, turnover me, logistics accessories, logistics container unit equipment, industrial doors, cleaning equipment
(7) Packaging and order sorting equipment: packaging equipment, weighing and measuring equipment, packaging and order sorting system, bar code equipment, etc.
(8) logistics loading technology: car tail plate, loading and unloading platform, boarding bridge, containers, ro-ro ships, seals, etc .;
(9) logistics and transport equipment: transport vehicles, rail and air transport equipment, ships, three-dimensional garage and parking equipment, traffic management systems
(10) Industrial robots and AGVs: sorting picking robots, packaging robots, palletizing robots, handling robots, AGV unmanned trucks, all-in-one mobile platform vehicles, various spare parts, etc.
(11) cold chain logistics: refrigerated trucks, insulation cars, refrigerated storage equipment, refrigeration units, cold storage, cold storage, cold chain logistics services, storage / polyurethane / thermal insulation materials

(12) Packaging containers and materials: paper products, plastic, film, wood, sheet metal, glass, metal and other functional materials, filled with packaging materials, foam packaging materials, all kinds of boxes, boxes, bottles, , Bags and other packaging containers, tape, tied with, cable ties,

(13) Marking tags: RFID technology, bar code technology, labels (two-dimensional code labels, automatic labeling system and RFID labeling applications), bar code equipment, signs, RF cards, security signs and security labels, Sign, product traceability system, visual system, anti-Cuanhuo label, anti-tilt display label, shock hit the display label

(14) special packaging: shock, compression, mildew, preservation, refrigeration, dangerous goods, liquid, powder items

(15) Packaging equipment: Packaging machinery, Inflatable filling equipment, Pneumatic air cushion machine, Bubble machine, Wooden box processing machinery, Wooden box Pneumatic nail gun, Plastic hatch box Binding bending equipment, Logistics packaging equipment, Packaging Machine, sealing machine, binding winding machine, packaging and testing equipment, weighing equipment;

“” “Organizing Committee Office:

Address: Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province, No. 689 workers North Road, Yiwu, 6th Floor, Foreign Trade Business Building

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