A railway to drive an economic zone, China in the “area along the way” traffic card

Over the years, China’s transport construction enterprises keep up with the pace of the times, play the main force role in overseas hard work, have built a number of major projects, and establish a good image of China.

In the “one with the way” international cooperation summit forum held, China Transportation News Network selected part of the enterprises and key projects to show their implementation of the “one way” initiative in the practice and experience, and the local people heart and spirit, Readers.

China built

Built even the heart bridge, get rich road, the development of Hong Kong, happiness city

10320 km highway, 95 deep water terminals, 10 airports, 152 bridges, 2080 km railway … … in the State Council Information Office recently held in the central enterprises to participate in “one way along the” build situation conference, the China Communications Construction Group (referred to as China To build) Chairman Liu Qitao with such a group of figures, to the outside world to show them in the “one way along the” along the construction of the transcripts.

As a leader in China and the world in infrastructure construction, China has actively implemented the “one road” initiative, and has signed contracts with countries and regions over 40 billion US dollars, only 2016, China’s foreign contracting project share of about Accounting for 14% of the national contracting projects, along the new projects signed more than 100; port machinery business in the global market share rose to more than 80%, all over the world’s 97 countries and regions, more than 200 port terminals.

To provide the world with high-quality infrastructure products

In the process of resolutely implementing the “One Way” initiative, China has built a focus on promoting the construction of the four major business areas of Lianxinqiao, Rich Road, Hong Kong and Happy City. It is determined to provide high-quality infrastructure products for the world and bring great impetus to the regional economy. effect.

Connecting the bridge, that is, through the construction of bridges across the gap and natural moat, so that local and China hand in hand to heart; get rich road, through investment in the construction of roads, railways, so that the local people get rich; development port, through the port investment and construction to open the country Portal, China Unicom world for development; happiness city, through the construction of a number of new industrial park industrial park area, led to investment and employment, to achieve the overall level of development of life. It is reported that at present, China has built in these four business areas such as China-Malaysia Friendship Bridge, Karakoram Highway, Colombo Port City and a number of major typical projects.

Innovative model co-build

China is deeply aware that the “one way along the way” initiative is not solo but chorus. In practice, China has built a strategic alliance with financial institutions, fraternal units, upstream and downstream enterprises through the market operation mode, and builds a network of “Chinese enterprises + local governments + overseas parks + overseas enterprises” Achievements. To Ethiopia in the building materials home industrial park, for example, the project makes full use of the unique resources of local enterprises and China’s Guangdong ceramic industry advanced technology, forming a win-win situation of integration of production and marketing.

After completing the construction of the Guadal and Karakoram roads, China has actively participated in the construction of the follow-up development project in Guadal Harbor and put forward the idea of ​​”one pole at both ends”, that is, connecting Guadal and Kashi with the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor International inland port, the formation of Hong Kong and city interaction, industry interaction, linkage development, cooperation and win-win situation. On the basis of summing up the experience, China has also proposed a model of “port-industry-city” and “port-logistics-city”, which is the regional economy And social development to bring new impetus and opportunity.

Soft and hard to establish a good image of Chinese enterprises

In the construction of “one side of the road”, China has built up the responsibility for the government and economic and social development, the depth of regional economic development, the government to buy high-quality providers of public services, and the host government, people, enterprises Development, sharing value. In the road bridge, building port navigation, to achieve land and sea infrastructure “hard Unicom” at the same time, China Construction also through systematic, long-term social responsibility to achieve the Chinese and foreign people’s “soft Unicom.”

At present, China has built the construction of China Construction, China Harbor, China Road and Bridge, Zhenhua Heavy Industries and other four well-known international brands. In the process of local construction, the project team not only provide reliable infrastructure for the local, but also rely on major projects and advantageous industries, for its personnel training, nearly 5 years to create employment of 140,000 people; not only participate in student education and community building, But also actively participate in the country’s natural disasters and other disaster relief activities, with a responsible attitude, and establish a good image of Chinese enterprises outside.

China’s efforts to build the people of the country’s reputation. In the Chinese martyrs cemetery in Pakistan, the 88 Chinese people who built the Pakistani Friendship Road were built. A Pakistani old man named Ali was willing to keep the tomb here. “These Chinese people are friends of our Pakistanis, and I am willing to do this for them, and even if I have been old for a few years, I will keep my son going.”

China Railway Construction Group

Yaji model: the successful practice of railway industry chain

What is the ya mode? Yaji mode is derived from the Yaji railway economic development model. Yaji Railway is built and led by China Railway Construction Zhongtu Group (hereinafter referred to as China-Turkey Group). It is the first wholly-owned overseas Chinese chain, connecting Ethiopia and Djibouti, known as the “Tanzania-Zambia Railway” The

“Yaji mode” has two meanings: First, through the implementation of the Chinese standard projects, including construction, equipment, operations, including the whole industry chain out; the second is driven by the project along the economic development, construction along the economic zone, To achieve international capacity cooperation.

Lead the Chinese railway industry chain “going out”

As the vanguard of the China Railway “going out”, the China-Turkey Group built the first railway in China in the 1960s – Tanzan Railway, entered the new century, has built China’s first overseas high-speed rail – – Turkey’s Iraqi high-speed rail, China’s first overseas Chinese standard railway – Nigeria Aka railway.

October 5, 2016, the construction and lead the operation of the Middle East Group held the opening ceremony of the railway, the railway length of about 760 km, is the first overseas industry chain “Chinese” transnational electrified railway, is China The most elements of the overseas railway, opened a railway to drive an economic zone “Ya Ji mode.”

Yaji Railway 15 years of grinding sword, China and Turkey Group from 2001 to start tracking, signed in 2011, to 2014 to build, in August 2015 to win the right to operate until 2016 opened.

The so-called all-industry chain, Yaji railway, including investment and financing, design, construction, supervision, equipment, materials, operations, including all aspects.

Yaji railway is the first full industry chain to go out of the railway, the Chinese railway standards to go out has an important demonstration significance.

A railway drives an economic belt

Combined with the different characteristics of different countries, the Group actively looking for a different entry point to the railway as the basis, to promote the “economic zone” construction.

The Ethiopian government is eager to use the opportunity of the “Yaji Railway” project to become the “Africa’s manufacturing center”. China and Turkey Group to promote and build four industrial parks, and operate one of the industrial park. In addition to the industrial park, the Group is also in Ethiopia to promote a number of real estate projects.

The port of Djibouti is located on the south bank of the Red Sea Gulf of Aden, an important node in the “One Way” strategy. On January 4, 2012, Djibouti President Gayle said that “the future of Djibouti will be built as a regional logistics center and become Africa in Africa, and it is necessary to build a new railway and Ethiopia.”

In the implementation of the Yaji railway project at the same time, the Group successfully participate in Djibouti Dorado multi-functional port construction.

At present, China and Turkey Group is investing in the construction of Dibibu’s most dazzling landmark – the Tudori headquarters building in Central China. In addition, the old railway station area transformation, the eastern reclamation, that Karma station station square development is also actively promoting. “Construction of a railway, pulling an economic zone,” the “Yaji model” has been formed.

China Railway International Group

High-speed rail off the sea

May Lao, the rainy season is approaching, China Railway International Group Co., Ltd. (referred to as China Railway International Group) on behalf of the China Railway Organization to implement the middle of the railway section of the bid is race against time, to strengthen the dry season construction.

The old railway is from the territory of China to the capital of Vientiane in the capital of the electrified railway, a total length of more than 400 kilometers, is an important part of the Trans-Asian Railway, is also “one way” early harvest of key projects, was listed as Laos “eight five” Of the national key project on the 1st. The project uses Chinese standards and technology across the board, using Chinese equipment.

To China Railway Co., Ltd. (referred to as China Railway) belongs to the professional foreign companies, China Railway International Group to help China Railway actively practice “one way” initiative in the global expansion of the road of happiness. In particular, in the context of “high-speed rail”, China Railway International Group on behalf of China Railway implemented Indonesia Yavan high-speed rail project, and actively promote the Hungarian high-speed rail, Pakistan ML1 railway, China Railway, China-Myanmar railway and other major projects, High-speed rail “going out” of the main force.

At the same time, China Railway International Group has also accelerated the road, airport, power station and other infrastructure projects. In the South Pacific island of Papua New Guinea, China Railway International Group to build the Lacey to Nazaba Highland Expressway project a smooth project, and the successful bid upgrade project. This is the highest local highway, the local people called “China Railway to give Lai City a precious gift.” It is reported that China Railway International Group affiliated enterprises from 1995 into the Papua New Guinea market, has been completed by the new highway 1000 km , Maintenance of the road 1700 km, is the only access to Papua New Guinea government medal of Chinese-funded enterprises.

Interconnection and sharing, at present, China Railway International Group is Asia, Africa, Europe, South Pacific, Latin America, the five regions of 49 countries and regions to practice “one way” initiative. Company to win-win situation, benefit people’s livelihood as their responsibility, to create a happy business. The company vigorously implement the localization of business, and actively fulfill their social responsibilities, attracting a large number of outstanding foreign employees to join the China Railway International family. Through the “family of a pro” harmonious enterprise construction, Chinese and foreign employees “universal” harmony, and promote the cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries.

Kenya Montenegro Railway

Chinese standard intermediation of the African continent

Kenya Martha is busy renovating his supermarket in the town of Woye.

Woi town economic development behind, Martha’s supermarket business has been relatively bleak, he once had the idea of ​​closing the shop.

But now, he is full of confidence in the town of Woye and his future.

“This is the completion of this railway, here will be completely different, you can imagine my business will be getting better and better!

Martha refers to the construction of the Monsanto Railway. It is the first large-scale infrastructure project, which is the largest infrastructure project since Kenya’s founding of the People’s Republic of China. It is the first large-scale infrastructure project of Kenya since the founding of the People’s Republic of China. One of the units of the building will be crossed across the entire Vojie area.

In the process of construction of Mengzhong railway, reveals a thick Chinese flavor, Chaweng River Bridge is one of the construction. This is 35 meters high, nearly 2 km long railway bridge, across the world’s largest national park – Chavo Park above the Chavo River. Has become one of the most magnificent landscape of the local, but also the Kenyan president of the “President of the observation project.”

Recalled the beginning of the bridge when the scene, the project leader Xu Feng remember, “the beginning of the building, we are determined to go all out on the basis of quality and safety and security, to show the true strength of our Chinese enterprises. ”

To this end, in the construction process, the project in strict accordance with the Chinese standards, norms, in the roadbed, bridge construction in the implementation of “model guide road” construction and “first piece of construction”, the template is strictly controlled in 2 mm, concrete vibrator 15 Seconds to no difference, at any time to monitor the gravel material, cement, concrete out of the machine, into the mold and other temperatures … … builders to “ingenuity” pouring “Chinese quality”, really build “century immortal project” to create China’s foreign railway construction A “business card”.

Chinese standards also made the speed of China. September 7, 2015, Chaweng River Bridge 61 piers all successfully completed, which is shorter than the demand for nearly 3 months.

To the construction of Zhaowo River Bridge as a microcosm, at present, Mengni railway overall construction, joint test, dynamic detection and operation test has been basically completed, is expected to be on June 1 will open trial operation. It will boost the country’s economy by 1.5%. While boosting Kenya’s economy, it also brings China’s capital, technology, standards, equipment manufacturing and management experience into Africa, showing the real “Chinese standards” to the world.

Maldives in the Malaysian Friendship Bridge

Local management is connected

Salary from 400 dollars rose to 600 US dollars, Bangladesh employees Yaxin in the Sino-Malaysian Friendship Bridge project flies in the water: “At first I was just a porters, and later I followed the electrician class learning technology, not only mastered a skill, wages Also rose. ”

As the “Silk Road of the 21st Century”, the Maldives has thousands of islands, but the technical problems of building bridges on coral reefs, so that they can only rely on boats in the past years. In 2014, President Xi Jinping paid a state visit to the Maldives, and both leaders agreed that China would build a century bridge for the Maldives, which is the origin of the Sino-Malaysian Friendship Bridge.

December 30, 2015, as the EPC general contractor in the two-way aircraft officially settled in the Maldives, opened the Sino-Malaysian Friendship Bridge construction of the prelude. In the construction process, the management of the two Airways management to implement the localization management, full use of foreign employees to participate in the construction.

At first, the technical level of foreign employees is not high, the project department is to let them be responsible for simple physical work, but with the project “foreign labor management system” introduced, everything has changed. Project manager Lin Shukui said: “This system from the induction training of foreign employees, training development, pay management made a clear provision.” Especially in the “system with a teacher” system, the selection of good technology, strong ability of Chinese workers to lead One or two foreign workers, and the quality of foreign workers to meet the quality of the situation with the team leader, foreman, technician assessment linked. Foreign workers also as a team to participate in a separate team to participate in the construction of evaluation, the image of each month show the wall will appear their style. “Now our project department employs 265 foreign workers, accounting for 40% of the total number of employees, and more and more people in a more important position.” Project Secretary Wang Chao introduced.

“We not only have to build a bridge across the sea, but also to build a bridge of heart.” Wang Chao said, “in the localization management, more importantly, to achieve cultural compatibility.” In the Maldives, foreign employees In Islam, the project specifically set up a prayer room in its dormitory area and purchased many of the Qur’an for them to pray. “During Ramadan, we even issued a notice,

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