Shocked! Along the way these Chinese technology stunning the world

Before talking about “day does not fall”, we think of is the United Kingdom, now, the term has a new meaning – China’s advanced technology. Beijing will once again usher in the event, the 2017 “all the way” international cooperation summit will be held on May 14, 28 heads of state confirmed to attend, from 110 countries from all walks of life participants, the total number will reach more than 1,200 people.

At the same time, a number of advanced technology from China, by “all the way” in-depth Southeast Asia, India, the Middle East, Africa, Europe and the United States, China’s new national business card. It is these technologies that let China remove the “price advantage” hat, with the world’s cutting-edge technology to foreign small partners praise, “these technologies did change our lives.” Do you know what these country cards are?
China High Speed ​​Rail
“One way along the” Chinese technology on the first business card, is China’s high-speed rail. China and the countries along the country have jointly built a series of landmark railway projects, such as Indonesia’s Yavan high-speed rail, China and Laos in the old railway, the European Hung Sai railway.
Along the country began to enjoy the Chinese economy “dividends”. Ministry of Commerce data show that China and the “area along the way” along the country last year, the total import and export amounted to 6.3 trillion yuan, the growth rate of China’s overall foreign trade growth.

In Kenya, a railway with full Chinese standards is under construction. The transportation costs of Nairobi to Mombasa from China to the Mombasa are reduced from 10 hours to 4 to 5 hours. The cost of freight in East Africa will drop by 79% and the cost of business will drop by 40%.

In addition to granting people with fish, but also granting people to fishing – 60 Kenyan students are studying high-speed rail technology in Beijing Jiaotong University, which is China’s road and Beijing Jiaotong University, “one way” international personnel training strategic cooperation agreement part of the project.
Can imagine, in the near future, we can sit high-speed rail tour “along the way” along the scenery, whether it is to visit the exchange, or travel shopping, “End of the World if the neighborhood” is no longer a verse in the verse.
“China Construction” – Large Engineering Technology
China has been renowned for its excellent building quality and speed. Before the foreign users statistics, “the world’s highest bridge rankings”, the results list by the Chinese hegemony: the first six full of China’s bridge, the top 10 China accounted for 8, the top 100 China accounted for 83!
Now, China’s road and bridge construction will become “along the way” in the construction of the vanguard. In the capital city of Belgrade, the capital of Belgrade, the construction of the Zemeng-Boljah Bridge in China has changed the traffic between the north and south sides of the Danube. After the opening of the bridge, the traffic distance and time between the Zermo area and the Borga area are shortened 70%.

Speaking of road and bridge, say hydropower technology. Ethiopia Dibi 3 hydropower station, Nepal launched phase A hydropower station, Sudan Malo Wei hydropower station, Malaysia Bakung hydropower station … … these countries, in the past suffered from the shortage of electricity until the Chinese enterprises such as the savior generally come.
The Dibu 3 hydropower station is also the largest hydropower station in Africa. The entire “power” of the power station, are purely made in China. Mechanical and electrical equipment and metal structure part of the last 5 years to build, and all units put into operation only 10 months!
Each month put into operation a unit, which created the world hydropower project in the history of the record, called the speed of China. This hydropower station to Ethiopia completely bid farewell to the era of power shortage, “East Africa water tower” change “East Africa tower.”
“China Construction” is “one by one” country to build a world super amazing project, in Pakistan, China Communications Construction Co., Ltd. in the local to create the first large-scale deep water terminal, the first oil terminal, the first grain Fertilizer dedicated wharf, the first liquefied petroleum gas terminal and so on a remarkable record.
These become China and the “one way along the” line along the national people’s strong testimony, built an indestructible friendship bridge.
Transmission technology
Once, China’s transmission technology is extremely backward, high-end equipment is almost entirely dependent on imports. Now, China has built the world’s largest and most complex power grid system, some popular technology has been fully rolled Europe and the United States, such as flexible AC transmission technology.
Before 2004, all rely on imports, serial compensation device made in China, China’s technology not only forcing ABB ABB, Germany, Germany Siemens to give up the Chinese market, but also exported to South Korea, the Philippines and so on.
“Along the way,” 65 countries along the energy and demand distribution is uneven, strong demand for energy and electricity interoperability. 2015, “the way along the way” the first grid cooperation project – 230 kV Laos North power grid project put into operation.
2016, the CLP equipment company contracted construction of the Egyptian EETC500 kV backbone network upgrade project the first phase of the three transmission lines put into operation.

For the local to provide six or seven thousand jobs, more Egypt to bring China’s advanced technology and philosophy. This is the first time that the Chinese standard has entered the field of electricity in Egypt and has started the Chinese brand again in the world.


By 2017, CLP equipment company in the construction of more than 20 projects, the total amount of more than 36 billion yuan project, covering Africa, East Asia, South Asia and other regions, to show the world State Grid Corporation of UHV, DC project, Cross-border networking and other power grid technology, equipment and construction strength.
Cloud computing power
10 years ago, Amazon released the world’s first cloud computing products, no one predicted that the future of large global companies want to share in the huge cloud computing space.

And thanks to the rapid development of China’s Internet industry and rapid sea, China’s cloud computing enterprises gradually rise, at present, the world has formed Amazon AWS, Ali cloud Alibaba Cloud, Microsoft Azure “3A tripod” industry pattern.
Singapore’s national application EZ-Link bus card is almost a staff, but the technical constraints have been plagued by the Singapore city management, how to use new technology to improve travel efficiency? How to make small businesses no longer stock too much and lose money? How to get every trip to Singapore visitors can get a full range of transport services?
They decided to learn from the Chinese technology, the introduction of Ali cloud flying technology, with the world’s millions of servers connected into a supercomputer technology, to change the traditional social governance methods. Especially to see the use of artificial intelligence in Hangzhou to the overall management of the city, the more determined Singapore to China’s technical learning determination.

In the “area along the way” along the Ali cloud spared no expense to set up Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, Europe and other data centers, independent research and development of large-scale computing operating system flying to the world. The world’s impression of China’s labor-intensive economy led to change.
In Dubai, in Saudi Arabia, in Malaysia, in Europe, China has finally fought in the field of civilian high-tech, so that foreign friends have to praise.

This also allows the world to see that Chinese technology is really for the local people to create benefits, with Pratt & Whitney, stable, mature technology to change people’s lives.
Beidou navigation system
Satellite navigation system is an important spatial information infrastructure, but in the “one way along” along the 65 countries, 35 countries per capita GDP is only 3,000 US dollars, subject to national strength, there is no financial resources to build satellite and global network, until China R & D Beidou satellite navigation system turned out!
Beidou is China’s own global satellite navigation system, is the United States after the global positioning system (GPS), Russia GLONASS satellite navigation system (GLONASS) after the third mature satellite navigation system. At present, the Big Dipper has begun to serve “all the way” country.
2013 Thai Beidou application project began construction, to 2016 to build 220 base stations, a total investment of 10 billion yuan, covering the whole territory of Thailand. At present, there are Laos, Brunei, Pakistan began to use the Beidou navigation system, the construction of ground enhancement station; In addition, Pakistan, Malaysia and other countries are also cooperation. At present, the Big Dipper has launched five test satellites, according to the follow-up network construction plan, is expected to be covered in 2018 “one way” country, to provide basic services.
Built around 2020, with the global service capabilities, positioning timing accuracy, anti-interference, system capacity and other performance significantly improved. Peaceful use, equality and mutual benefit, common development is the principle of the development of China’s Beidou system, the Beidou will illuminate “along the way” along the line.

These are just a microcosm of Chinese technology in the way, but also a microcosm of Chinese technology to the world. In the case of weak economic growth in the world, “along the way” will be an important locomotive to lead the world economy. China, also from the Western rules of followers to the development of the world leader and the role of rule-makers change.
Accompanied by a successful conclusion, China made 10 major achievements, related to the country shipped!
Over the past four years, China’s event, one by one. 2014 Beijing APEC summit, 2015 victory victory on the Japanese military parade, 2016 Hangzhou G20 summit, 2017 is Beijing “area along the way” summit. In the Chinese diplomacy under the fierce offensive, many foreign dignitaries tied to visit. Among them, the “one by one” summit is held in China so far by the world’s most attention, the longest sleeves dance an international conference. 29 heads of state and government prime minister, gathered in Beijing. The most impossible to the United States, Japan, North Korea, this time all sent special envoy to join the festivities.
China to show the strength, decision-making and mobilization, really amazing. It is because of all the welcome. In 2019, China will hold a second “one by one” summit. In my opinion, the summit at least ten achievements, I believe will affect China’s future for many years.
Achievements 1, Chinese friends circle is getting bigger and bigger.
In Chinese history, to describe the power of great powers, often with the six words: “near the Yue, far to come.” At this summit, looking at the guests, Xi total happy to say that now is “Qunxian Bi, less salty set.” To the guest, but how many passengers, that is a country’s influence and attractiveness.
29 of the country, many of China’s old friends, little brother, but also from Latin America such as Argentina, Chile, from Europe such as Spain, Italy, From a more ambitious background, it also reflects the rise of a country’s choice. When the United Kingdom to dominate the world, rely on the colonial system; the United States to dominate the world, relying on the allies system; China’s rise but not hegemony, rely on what? Rely on a circle of friends! “Along the way all the way” is to expand friends circle.
Achievement II, to show China’s international dominance.
The opening ceremony of the National Convention Center, the National Assembly Hall dinner, the National Grand Theater to see the show, Yanqi Lake and then talk about the host, so that China firmly in control of the agenda set to show the Chinese program China concept. “It is a question that I have been thinking about.” This is not just thinking for China, but for thinking all over the world, “he says.” It is a serious challenge in the face of all mankind. ”
Before the opening of the summit, there was a strong demand from the Kyrgyz President to attend the meeting, which fully demonstrated China’s influence and dominance. Do not think this is boast, which is like “potential”, “potential” stand up, the following act more convenient. In the future international rules, China will be more and more people to listen to.
Achievement three, Trump suddenly sent a gift.
No one thought, just two days before the summit, Trump deliberately sent a gift: that the United States recognized that “all the way” is very important to send representatives to attend. It was a bit terrible. “The way all the way” put forward three years, the US government has been cynical, that the Chinese political plot is greater than the economic considerations, to engage in the sphere of influence.
Frankly, if Obama is in power, if Hillary came to power, the United States can come to a meeting? Do not think about it. But now it is Trump, he is a businessman, certainly do not do the loss of the sale; but against businessmen, China certainly still have a set. With the United States identity, other countries to join the “one way along the road” building, no worries. In fact, China-US relations as long as no sharp deterioration of China, is a major strategic opportunity.
Achievement four, China-ROK relations break mirror to re-round.
Because of the Sade problem, China-ROK relations fell into a trough over the past two years. South Korea is not authentic behind a knife, hurt the Chinese national security, but also hurt China’s heart of South Korea. But also the poor, the initiator of Pu Ge-hui, now has to stay in the free cell; just came to power in the Yin, it is clear that fully understand the Chinese side of major concerns, and strive to seek a proper solution, he highly appreciated the “one way” initiative, and immediately sent High-level delegation.

Feeling that if not just came to power, he may even come directly to the meeting. China and South Korea relations will usher in a new spring, “with all the way” summit is a turning point.
Achievements Five, China successfully resolve the knot of neighboring countries.
On the “one way”, to say that the surrounding countries without a little knot, certainly not true. For example, Russia certainly someone will worry, “one way along the way” is a lot of my site, China how do you want to do? China’s countermeasure, unlike the United States, we are not starting another, forced to accept each other, but docking docking and then docking.

With Russia to dock the Eurasian economic alliance, the ASEAN to docking interconnection, Mongolia to dock “development of the road”, we work together win-win situation, common to make a fortune. So Putin is very happy, pleased to come to Beijing, still waiting for the total gap, happy to play a “Moscow window.” Japan also changed its position and rushed to send representatives. Of course, for India, the mind is not big, heart knot is never untied.

Achievements six, the world also want to hear the Chinese voice.
Once upon a time, the West was a global advocate; but in the anti-globalization wave, the Western countries have fallen. For example, Trump, the most famous slogan is to use American goods, hire the Americans. But China has become a stream of the world today, welcome the world ride fast ride free ride. Such a China, the world naturally held hands welcome, more willing to adjust the policy, conform to the rise of China.
“One way around” is the most obvious manifestation of China’s embrace of globalization, and has become the most important business card for China’s diplomacy. China is emerging as an important contributor to international rules, an important contributor to international public goods, and an important and even major leader in international order. This is undoubtedly a turning point in the international landscape.
Achievements seven, China’s capital strides to go out.
At this summit, Chinese leaders announced that the Silk Road Fund to add 100 billion yuan of funds to the “one way along the” relevant countries to provide 60 billion yuan of assistance. This shows the responsibility of China and play, but in fact also belong to “can not bear the child can not hold the wolf”, as the other side, China and dozens of countries signed a production cooperation agreement.
China’s capital, Chinese enterprises, with the “one way all the way” strides to go out, Yavan high-speed rail, the old railway, Gwadar port, Myanmar oil and gas pipeline, China won a large number of projects, other countries received much-needed investment, Excess capacity is a positive. Without pressure, there is no power. “Along the way,” to some extent, but also in forcing China to further reform. Of course, these are the Chinese people’s hard-earned money, but also do not squander ah.
Achievements eight, the world saw a confident China.
Although there are still road closures, there are still a variety of inconvenience, and some unpleasant complaints, but overall, the Chinese people in the usual heart to do this “one way” summit. Beijing this time no longer car odd and even numbers limit line, Beijing did not wait for a special golden week. This is true, it shows a more progress, a mature.
Last year after the Hangzhou summit, the silent

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