A miracle along the way: China built the first long tunnel in Central Asia

Uzbekistan Angelian – Papu Railway Tunnel (Camchke Tunnel) is the longest tunnel in Central Asia, but also to build an area of ​​interconnection and cooperation of the demonstration project. The Chinese builders were struggling with difficulties and took only 47 days to complete a total of 47.3 kilometers. The construction of the main and auxiliary tunnels made the natural moat, and won the Uruguayan high praise with professional quality, which promoted the Uzbekistan railway business and the local economic society development of.
“President One Project”

CCTV, reported on May 9, by the China Railway Tunnel Group, Uzbekistan, “President of the first project” and “Central Asia’s first long tunnel,” said the Ange even – Papu railway tunnel (Cambridge Grams of tunnel) is the largest Chinese enterprises in Uzbekistan to build the largest project.
Uzbekistan local time on June 22, 2016, Angelian – Papu railway Camchik tunnel officially opened to traffic.
Chinese President Xi Jinping and Uzbekistan’s current president, Kalimov, attended the video connection at Tashkent.
The Anglian-Pappu electrified railway connects the Fergana Basin with Tashkent. Fergana Basin area of ​​nearly 20,000 square kilometers, rich products, the population accounts for about 1/3 of the population of Uzbekistan.
Previously, the Fergana Basin had no access to the Tashkent railway, which had poor road conditions and was affected by climate. Local residents could only travel by train to Tashkent by neighboring countries.
Taking into account the local people travel and economic development, the Ukrainian government attaches great importance to the connectivity of the basin and the outside world, 2013 will be included in the construction of the railway line, known as the “President of the project.”
Kamchik tunnel length of 19.2 km, the total length of 47 km excavation, is the longest tunnel in Central Asia. The tunnel is the core and the biggest difficulty of the Angellian-Parp railway project, which relates to the entire project schedule.

To overcome world-class problems
With the “Central Asia’s first long tunnel,” said the Cambridge tunnel section, is the focus of the Ampel line, but also Uzbekistan railway network across the board where the throat. Extremely high risk and difficulty to many European and American enterprises discouraged, the Chinese builders are not afraid of difficulties.
In July 2013, China Railway Tunnel Group and the owner of the Uzbekistan National Railway Company officially signed the Gumchik tunnel design and construction procurement contract, and in September that year started construction.
3 years duration, from China’s tunnel builders who brave the burden, with the world’s most advanced mechanized construction, to overcome the largest rock burst in Central Asia, gushing water, only 900 days to complete a total of 47.3 km main and auxiliary tunnel Of the construction, so that natural moat change thoroughfare.

February 27, Uzbekistan Angelian – Pabu railway Gomichke tunnel 27 days through the tunnel, which is in the tunnel exit of the tunnel through the ribbon cutting ceremony
China Railway Tunnel Group Project Manager Zhou Guangguang introduction, in the excavation of dozens of kilometers of the tunnel, a total of seven different geological faults, the mountain blasting, often rock burst ejection (rock burst) phenomenon, rock burst strength is relatively large Even when the catapult to seventy-eight meters away, coupled with relatively poor geological conditions and other adverse factors, rock burst may also cause collapse, the construction of more difficult than any of his previous projects. During the construction of the tunnel, only more than 3,000 times the rock burst of moderate strength, the most serious one of the rock burst to the tunnel collapse of nearly 2000 cubic meters, the construction of the safety and even psychological have caused a great threat. However, “to ensure safety and construction progress at the same time, nearly 10 km in the rock burst area, did not happen because of rock burst caused by personnel injuries.” Zhou said the light.

“China Railway Technology has overcome the world-class problems.” China Railway Tunnel Group organized a meeting of transnational experts, the rock burst disaster consultation, the development of special programs, and joint research with domestic universities, developed a scientific approach to rockburst, and training Effectively improve the tunnel construction personnel contingency disposal capacity, “we have applied for the relevant technology patents.”
“The Camchik railway tunnel is based on Chinese technology and is built in accordance with Chinese standards, creating the speed of China, which fully reflects the construction of China’s tunnels reached the international leading level.” Zhou Guangguang proudly said.
In addition, the hard environment and poor natural conditions to the China Railway Tunnel Group builders have brought a very big challenge.
Zhou Zhiguang said: “(construction area) winter time is relatively long, from November to the second year of March within a year of 5 months of winter construction time, the minimum temperature reached minus 43 degrees. (But) winter construction day can not be delayed, so how to protect and protect the winter construction, to ensure the safety of personnel in winter construction encountered a relatively large natural difficulties. “.

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