Central European trains why the prospect of the development of the better?

On April 16, 9, marshalling 50, with wuhan, and electronic components manufactured by enterprises in the Yangtze river delta, the pearl river delta, beverage, food, mechanical and electrical products X8017/8 china-eu trains (wuhan – Hamburg, Germany) starts from wujiashan wuhan railway administration center security. This is since 2017 from wuhan operation of 36 central trains.

Central European trains refers to the relationship in China and Europe and other countries as well as the “area” all the way along the international railway container transport trains from country to country. The service of economic and trade development between China and Europe, to promote “area” construction provides protection capacity. Since September 2013, xi jinping, general secretary has visited many countries, such as central Asia, the association of south-east Asian nations (asean), and Europe, to put forward the concept of “the silk road economic belt”, advocating “to point with surface, from line to slice, gradually form regional cooperation.” So that the central trains circle of friends more and more big, more and more widely.

Open central trains in wuhan first to early adopters. We have learned, from March 2012 opened the first central European trains to Poland (wuhan) as of March 31, 2017, a total of running trains in central Europe (wuhan), 453, 41278 – teu. China-eu trains after wuhan (wuhan) from the downtown by xinjiang to Europe, northern manchuria to Europe. Can say, “the morning cup of milk, belarus dinner springtime delights French red wine” this kind of life people very far away, and with the central trains run “accelerated”, European seafood, fruits, meat, chocolate and other kinds of articles for daily use, will also through the trains in central Europe to enter the Chinese market, the price also will be more and more cheap, citizens will also “never leave home” will be able to live a comfortable life.

Change on central European trains service mode, opened “private custom”, make all kinds of product diversification. In 2016, the central European trains by wuhan to duisburg launched a “private custom” cross-border railway freight services. The first user to enjoy “private custom” service is a to the Dutch settlement of new immigrants, he was carrying his wedding photos, curtain, children’s toys and other items for personal use. Experience more than half a month of time, these goods from wuhan to Europe. China-eu trains (wuhan) from provide special services for large-scale manufacturing enterprises, provide public trains services for small and medium enterprises gradually developed, until the future for small micro enterprise, cross-border electricity and even individual provide LCL service.

Central European trains in service details more and more perfect, to meet the needs of all parties. Central European trains (wuhan) railway transport has stabilized, the future will extend services to both ends, create new mode trade, including to provide “door to door” complete logistics solutions, providing customs clearance and solving “the last kilometer” of warehousing and distribution, cold chain development of railway transportation, and so on. Central European trains to transport, upgraded to logistics, the perfect service for the supply chain, help countries for the construction of the “area” at the same time, comply with the demand of the market.

An ounce of sweat, no pains, no gains, happiness will come from dedicated people. The good news is that in 2016, the central trains (wuhan) to send it back and forth 234 columns, year-on-year growth of 42.68%, the value of about $859 million. In 2017, the central trains operation 300 columns (wuhan) plan, more than in 2016, 78. To the development prospect of central trains more and more good the key.

China-eu trains is the prospect of a further sign of railway departments to borrow the advantage of “area”, our trains operation faster and faster, with a circle of friends is more and more widely, so as to promote the development of social economy and to the international market development has brought new hopes and expectations, to realize China’s dream to make a positive contribution.

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