Central European trains: operation 3682 columns to build new international logistics channel

CCTV network news: the latest data from the China railway corporation, since operation in March 2011, the central European trains linking China and the European continent, is now running train 3682 columns, become the backbone of the international road transport logistics channels.

From chengdu to lodz, Poland’s X (rows) 8086 train from chengdu container terminal

The train also new flowers bonsai and other products

At noon on April 15, from chengdu to lodz, Poland’s X (rows) 8086 train from chengdu container terminal, we note that, in addition to the traditional car on this train and notebook computers, also added flowers, bonsai, such as goods, two weeks later, the flowers will be put to the poles of the home.

X8086 train from chengdu to Poland to the more than 9800 km is expected to run about 14 days

X8086 train from chengdu to Poland, to the more than 9800 km, is expected to run 14 days or so, shipping lines than traditional compression nearly a month’s time. Since this year, china-eu two-way split lines, trains in uzbekistan this week first vehicle transit trains arrived in lianyungang diverting out to sea.

Interconnected global group President sepp blatter

Interconnected global group President blatter: “this is from uzbekistan to China and then we go to the first trains in other countries, this is our first uzbekistan by the east of China goods can be shipped to lianyungang. Hope our cooperation can be more and more in lianyungang behind.”

So far, including wuhan, xi ‘an, urumqi, 24 cities across the country have opened central trains lines article 46, arrived in 11 countries 24 cities in Europe. Activities for the realization of the path between the unicom, logistics flow, promoting the construction of “area” all the way to provide security capacity.

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