Trains in central Europe, central Asia trains: for all the way “area” quality, and the efficiency

Trains in central Europe, central Asia in recent years, the trains operation, let the “made in China” go abroad, also let foreign products into China’s every family, for the “area” construction provides a powerful guarantee capacity

Six years ago, the first china-eu trains – chongqing “new Europe”, was born in chongqing, China inland faster than shipping the goods in Europe more than 20 days. Today, central European trains a total of 17.

, deputy director of chongqing economic and information commission lai-king yu: now here in Europe, has radiation to 12 countries, 36 cities; Another head to chongqing for another “dumbbell” radiation along the river, such as hubei yichang, xiangfan, etc.

With the increase of aging, transport costs only one over ten of the air, “new Europe” chongqing channel makes foreign transport enterprises more than a pattern. Operation, central Europe (chongqing) trains has been successfully break through 1000 columns, become the first central European trains breakthrough thousand columns.

In November 2013, starting in central Asia trains “changan”, continuously to carry the “made in China” abroad, has become a silk road economy bring important trade ties and cohesion of central Asia, well versed in international logistics channel.

Kazakhstan, said vice agriculture minister Issyeva trains, the hope is that the central Asia will be more kazakhstan beef and mutton, vegetables, fruits, etc. Some good products to China.

Issyeva: kazakhstan and China’s border trade, we can pull the goods here directly, all the procedures can be dealt with here. There is no margin, reducing the pressure of funds for exporters, are beneficial to both sides.

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